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Employee Time Clock Solutions for ERP & HCM Systems 2017-07-12T11:19:41+00:00

The Most Effective Way to Track, Collect & Manage Your Employee’s Punch Times

Tracking, collecting and managing time and attendance can be a significant challenge and constant source of frustration for many corporations.  Those relying on manual methods are painfully aware of the time and resources required to gather accurate data and correct human errors.  Those using older automated systems may struggle with the fact that their outdated terminals do not integrate with their ERP system making it difficult to get the most out of their time and attendance solution.

In either case, a decentralized or manual data collection process is error prone, time consuming and can be very costly to your business.

With ATS’ automated time and attendance data collection platform, TimeCom, businesses will not only solve those challenges but significantly increase productivity and profitability.  TimeCom is a comprehensive and customized package including ATS’ high quality data collection terminals and full integration with your ERP system of choice, resulting in a powerful complete time and attendance solution.

TimeCom is a cloud-based time and attendance collection solution that lets you manage and maximize the efficiency of your workforce.

  • Minimize human error and manual mistakes
  • Focus your staff on more critical areas of the business
  • Ensure compliance
  • Maximize your investment in existing technology
  • Quickly achieve ROI

Whether you have deployed an ERP System or a homegrown system, we have a solution to meet your business and employees needs.

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