Cloud Hosted Clock Integrations

//Cloud Hosted Clock Integrations

Engine XML is an integration middleware that is Cloud-hosted by Accu-Time Systems and is really the heart of the TimeCom® solution. It communicates with ERP systems and the time clock devices, and is the main mechanism that provides alerts to the TimeCom Monitor as well as to our customer service staff.

By leveraging Accu-Time Systems’ Engine XML integration middleware, customers are ensured that their integration with their ERP system is always going to be in sync. Because Accu-Time Systems is hosting that for every customer, we really are in tune in how it is operating.

When ERP companies release new versions of their software, Accu-Time Systems partners with them for a number of months, testing, validating and making sure that the integration will work and that new features are incorporated into the product so they can be leveraged by our customers.

Employee Time Clock Integration solutions for ERP Systems