Accu-Time Systems Time & Attendance Terminals

Reliability, Flexibility & Performance

Affordable and Advanced Employee Data Collection Terminals

Accu-Time Systems manufactures world-class time and attendance terminals that enable businesses to easily, reliably and quickly perform the functions needed to manage their workforce’s hours.

ATS’ state-of-the art biometric technology  is proven to perform in the most challenging and adverse environments, and is built to last.  They are easily customizable and upgradable to grow and evolve with your business needs.

ATS time and attendance terminals offer employee self-service capability and provide excellent visibility into punch data, analytics, and trending information that improves payroll accuracy while freeing up time and resources for other priorities.

The terminals’ employee self-service capability reduces the amount of internal resources required, freeing your staff to focus on more strategic initiatives while having the peace of mind that you are capturing complete and accurate data.

PeoplePoint Plus is feature-rich workforce management terminal for those who require extensive capabilities, expandable memory, attractive design, and a color touch screen..

With a Linux or Android operating system PeoplePoint Plus delivers rich graphics and video on a 7″ widescreen display. Optional speakers and camera, a fast processor,and expandable memory will allow users to interact with detailed content.

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Prodigy is for those who demand a rich suite of features at an affordable price: Web services, customizable function keys, optional biometrics, and more!

Biometric options protect employees’ personal information and eliminate costly buddy punching.

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Designed for those who demand more: Java and Python programmability, Web services, open standards, complete field upgradeability, keypad and function customization, varied auto-ID readers, biometrics, and more!

The Prodigy time clocks continue the legacy of ATS by maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability – not to mention the most robust terminal thanks to its die-cast aluminum housing!

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Designed for those who demand a feature-rich terminal that works in harsh environments with water and dust-tight seals. All of our terminals feature cutting-edge technology: Web services, open standards, complete field upgradeability, keypad and function customization, varied auto-ID readers, optional Java™/Python programmability, and more!

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PAYmate™ — Advanced, user-friendly time and attendance terminal, featuring Ethernet connectivity and power-over-Ethernet.

Designed for those who demand simple setup and ease-of-use, along with HTTP, XML, and DHCP network connectivity.

One-cable connectivity and power simplifies installation, and two-button interface simplifies use.

Durable design, HTTP connectivity, and field-upgradeable firmware provide for long lifespan and dependability.

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ATS terminals have the ability to connect to our EngineXML, data collection terminal integration solution that ensures accurate and seamless delivery of data from terminals to your organization’s workforce management systems and software. EngineXML provides also visibility into the health of your terminals and the ability to easily manage, update and configure terminals simultaneously and remotely.

With ATS’ high performance time and attendance terminals and EngineXML, you can be up and running within hours without burdening your internal IT support team.