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Time and attendance tracking done right is simple and affordable yet powerful, with the ability to transform your customers’ business. Accu-Time Systems provides advanced and easy to use, time tracking solutions that make it possible to harness the power of your software solution.

A trusted leader in delivering time and attendance, workforce productivity, human resource data collection and labor management solutions, Accu-Time is a pioneer in open architecture terminals, advanced biometric technology, time clock communication and time clock management software.

Whether your customers run a hometown business, manufacturing company, healthcare organization or global franchise corporation, Accu-Time has the unique time and attendance that can meet your customers’ expectations and will solve their workforce data challenges and improve their business.

Accu-Time also works with HCM and ERP software vendors, payroll firms and consultants, to deliver the time and attendance solutions and services that expand service offerings, enabling rapid growth.

With more than half a million active employee time and attendance time clocks and customers ranging from small service businesses to global corporations such as Walmart, Hyatt Hotels and McDonald’s, Accu-Time is the trusted partner for workforce management solutions. With its high-quality terminals and seamless software, Accu-Time delivers a long-term, reliable and affordable solution with a fast return on investment, on-site or hosted in the cloud.

Accelerate your company’s performance today with time and attendance tracking solutions from Accu-Time Systems.

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time and attendance