ATS’ History in Manufacturing Employee Time Tracking Systems

Our Employee Time Tracking beginnings

Since 1991 Accu-Time Systems’ mission has been consistent: to solve the business challenge of employee time tracking and employee data collection. To that end, we build the most advanced, robust, and reliable time clocks. 

As the first open-architecture time clock manufacturer in the United States, ATS builds and sells time clocks that collect employee time and attendance data

The time clocks can also collect human resource data, and can be used to let employees use employee self-service applications.

Our Guiding Principle

Our guiding principle is to grow our business by helping our customers grow theirs. As a result, we have steadily expanded our customer base and became a global leader in employee time tracking solutions. We serve many industries, including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

ATS offers a wide range of options

ATS’ partners benefit from a wide range of time clocks: from biometric clocking systems with touch-screens to time clocks that use proximity cards or key-pads.  

All these time clocks can work seamlessly with their time tracking, payroll or ERP and HCM software.

From our founding, we have shipped more than 800,000-time clocks to our growing list of customers.

In March of 2010, AMANO Corporation acquired ATS.