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Accu-Time Systems Time Clock Solutions for ERP, HCM Systems

TimeCom Solutions for ERP/HCM Systems

“We didn’t tap any of our internal IT resources for this project, which left our staff free to focus on supporting the organization through other projects. We could have implemented our own premise-based solution, but we were looking for a solution that reduced the need for internal support.”
– Elliot Lester, vice president of IT for Reddy Ice.

Time and attendance tracking done right has the ability to transform your business. Accu-Time Systems provides integrated, advanced and easy-to-use time and attendance data collection terminals and software integration solutions with ERP systems that make it possible to harness the power of your workforce data. Our integrations Solutions include Time Clocks for Workday, Time Clocks for PeopleSoft, Time Clocks for Oracle Cloud and Homegrown Systems.

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Time Clocks for Workday
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Workforce Management Solutions

““Not only has the new solution sped up the entire time and attendance process, it has cut down significantly
on payroll errors, as we now have the visibility that allows us to make corrections before the deadline,”
Director, Associate Services, Human Resources, Zep Inc.”
-Sheila Nicodemus, Director, Associate Services, Human Resources, Zep Inc.

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PeoplePoint Plus

PeoplePoint Plus™

With a Linux operating system, PeoplePoint Plus™ delivers rich graphics and video on a 7″ widescreen display. Optional speakers and camera, a fast processor, and expandable memory will allow users to interact with detailed content. Developers are now able to deploy their WFM software in a manner designed for the people who use it.

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Accu-Time’s Maximus™ time clock is designed for those who demand more: Java™ and Python programmability, Web services, open standards, complete field upgradeability, keypad and function customization, varied auto-ID readers, biometrics, and more! Maximus continues the legacy of ATS by maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability – not to mention the most robust employee time and attendance tracking terminal thanks to its die-cast aluminum housing
Employee Time tracking solutions


Prodigy™ time and attendance clock — ideal blend of performance, function, style, and affordability designed for essential workforce management functionality. Prodigy is for those who demand a rich suite of features at an affordable price: Web services, customizable function keys, optional biometrics, and more!
Severe weather Time Tracking machines

Maximus Severe Duty™

Designed for those who demand a feature-rich terminal that works in harsh environments with water and dust-tight seals. All of our terminals feature cutting-edge technology: Web services, open standards, complete field upgradeability, keypad and function customization, varied auto-ID readers, optional Java™/Python programmability, and more!
timeclocks for workday


Advanced, user-friendly time and attendance terminal, featuring Ethernet connectivity and power-over-Ethernet.Designed for those who demand simple setup and ease-of-use, along with HTTP, XML, and DHCP network connectivity. PAYmate™ features a customizable overlay to fit comfortably with your design needs.

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TimeCom for Workday

TimeCom™ by the Numbers

Since launching our Timecom solution three years ago, our ERP / HCM customers have seen a fast ROI from ATS’ integration solutions and it’s durable and reliable – made in America time tracking devices. Our cloud and seamless integrations into ERP/HCM systems have allowed our customers to quickly deploy and manage ATS’ time clocks, cut costs and improve efficiencies. – Learn More – Request a Demo Today!

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