ATS time clocks
Built to increase customer loyalty

We offer more ways to boost customer loyalty, as well as your revenue.

A time clock with a long life span can increase your software sales

Think of what you could achieve with the right time clock partner, one that can deliver a durable time clock, with a long life span that can let you increase your software sales and profits. With ATS, as your dedicated partner, will guide you every step of the way! Find out how you can turn an ATS time clock into your profit center!

Benefits you receive when you become an ATS Reseller

We started our business in 1991 as a time clock manufacturer. Over the years, we have evolved and rapidly grown into a timekeeping solutions provider to many software companies, direct customers, and business partners.

There are many benefits to becoming one of America’s most trusted time clock manufacturer resellers:

  • Get lead opportunities.
  • Enjoy aggressive discounts on hardware and services.
  • Differentiate your business by aligning with a market leader.
  • Dedicated Channel Account Managers from day one.
  • Access to Marketing support.
  • Robust solutions that deliver an ROI and lowers the total cost of ownership for your customers.
  • Ongoing access to our Customer support.

You’ll work with the best team in the industry

Get started today! Our team of experts will listen to your every requirement and work with you to deliver your customers the perfect solution.  You’ll have the backing of the best customer support you’ll need from day one.

Resell time clocks that create customer loyalty

Our time clocks are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We build the time clock the way you want, from a configuration with a simple keypad to a fully loaded time clock that includes biometrics, a proximity card reader, an LED barcode scanner, or an employee thermal scanner. Best of all, because our time clocks have a long life span, you’ll benefit by developing a long-term relationship with your customers.

Take advantage of our time clock offerings

ATS gives you choices – whether you want

  • An ATS stand-alone time clock hardware
  • An ATS time clock with our data collection software or
  • ATS’ cloud-based solution – which includes the hardware, time clock software, and a cloud instance. Which one is right for you?

Your success is our success.  Let’s work together!