Maximus™ Standard features

  • Linux OS
  • 3.5” Non-touch Display
  • IMX28 – 454MHZ
  • 8GB eMMC for CM/Recovery OS Programming

The New Maximus™ – Faster and better than ever!

The new and improved Maximus™ time clock delivers a straightforward user interface and provides employees the ability to perform fast clock in and clock out transactions.

Accu-Time Systems reengineered the Maximus to outperform its predecessor with a faster processor, greater memory capacity, and a full-color 3.5” screen. The new Maximus is ideal for small businesses or large enterprises that require frequent employee punches. With its back-lit screen and extremely durable keypad, this time clock makes it easier for employees to see and perform accurate employee time tracking transactions.

Which configuration is right for you?

Prox. & Bio reader & Keypad     |      Proximity, Bio reader, swipe card & Keypad

The powerful New Maximus™.

The new and improved Maximus is a durable, reliable, and easily customizable time clock. Its straightforward user interface provides employees with the ability to perform fast transactions. And with a 3.5″ full color display, it delivers a superior user experience and quick user adoption.

Reselling Accu-Time’s best selling employee timeclock is a smart choice!

Accu-Time Systems builds the industry’s most durable, secure, affordable, and modern employee time keeping solutions that fit your business model, your budget, and meet your customers’ needs.

The Maximus™ employee timekeeping system is designed with companies like yours in mind – We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect time clock hardware match for your Time and Attendance, Time Tracking, or Payroll Software.

The Maximus™ lets you accelerate your go-to-market initiatives.

This Maximus employee time clock system lets you take advantage of your existing Maximus legacy technology integration. With faster processing power and more storage capacity, your team can now integrate your time tracking software with this new device. ATS offers the best biometric fingerprint time clock, badge, or keypad employee timekeeping solutions on the market.

Maximus™ delivers optimized security for every user everywhere.

The upgrades we’ve made to the Maximus make it a best-in-class device. ATS offers several biometric and smartcard reader options that will meet your customers’ needs. Biometric time clocks increase employee data privacy and security and eliminate buddy punching.

ATS delivers high-speed and better performance from the high-quality, long-lasting time clocks you are used to selling.

The new and improved Maximus clock in and clock system delivers an enhanced user experience. Designed for the most demanding environments, it now includes a full-color display, a more powerful processor, and more significant memory. Now you will be able to process your customer’s punch activity on the Maximus 2x faster.

The new Maximus gives you greater security and greater control.

The new Maximus has a dual Operating System System. It includes an enhanced tool for a smoother operating system upgrade experience and enhanced field configuration. These design improvements increase security and give you greater control and peace of mind during your development and upgrade process.

Our customers receive support from the best Customer Support team in the industry.

Accu-Time Systems will make it easy to integrate your application with the Maximus time clock. This fast integration will let you capture your customers’ employee punch activity on the clock and automatically send it back to your back-end system for processing.

You’ll benefit from having the industry’s best customer support team that will be there with you all along your integration process and afterward. They are only a phone call away.

Now’s the time to upgrade and start giving your customers what they want: a fast and comprehensive automated timekeeping solution – powered by your software and running on an Accu-Time Systems clock.

Key Features of the Maximus™

  • Operating System
    • Linux
  • Standard features
    • 3.5” – 4:3, 320x 240×1 8-bit TFT. non-touch color display
    • 20-key tactile keypad
      • Numeric keypad 0-9
      • Eight software-defined function keys
      • Clear/Enter keys
    • 8GB eMMC for CM/Recovery OS Programming
    • 2X Faster memory – 256MB DDR 2 RAM
    • Faster storage access – eMMC non-removable Mass Storage
    • DigitalPersona® capacitive touch biometric reader / Optical Suprema biometric reader
    • 3G Worldwide Cell Modem support
    • eMMC dual OS partitioning enables easy, safe parallel OS upgrade
    • Designed for automated, middleware-driven deployment of updates
    • Manual upgrades and config. changes can be applied through USB
    • Board-level integration of GSM modem and DigitalPersona® biometric delivers improved reliability
  • Comprehensive SDK Tool Kit
    • Available to help your team develop a fast and seamless integration to your back end system..


The new Maximus™ is built to your specifications.  Accu-Time Systems can build your Maximus time clock using the following technologies:

  • Biometric Reader
  • Proximity Card Reader
  • Keypad
  • Swipe Card Reader
  • IMX28 – 454MHZ
Mass Storage
  • 8GB eMMC for CM/Recovery OS Programming
Application Software Configurable punch workflows and backend communication interface

  • ATS AccuCollect
  • Standard 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet
  • DHCP & Static IP
  • USB – 2 USB 2.0 Type A Connectors
  • 5W Average, 12.95W Maximum
  • Optional IEEE 802.3af-compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Width 21.33 cm x Heigh 22.22 cm x Depth 9.91 cm
  • Width8.4” x Heigh 8.75” x Depth 3.9”

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