accu-time systems product line for resellers, time clocks for workday and time clocks for oracle

ATS builds Employee Time Clock Systems That Help Your Business Grow!

Our community who resells employee time clock systems

We design and build durable and easy-to-use employee time clocks so our customers can run their employee time tracking software on these devices.

We manufacture our customers’ time clocks to meet their specific requirements and market needs. They can include touch or non-touch time clocks, state of the art biometric, proximity or swipe card technologies, communication, and time clock management software. 

As a result of being able to deliver solutions that meet their business needs, it has helped us build a large community of resellers throughout the world. 

Our resellers bundled our time clocks, with their solutions to meet their customers’ time tracking needs.   

Building partnerships with Software Vendors

Accu-Time Systems also partners with companies such as Workday and Oracle, which offer, among other types of services, time tracking software to their customers. 

Our certified solution lets us offer TimeCom, a cloud-based time tracking solution, directly to Workday’s and Oracle’s customers. Our complete solution includes an Accu-Time Systems time clock and a cloud-hosted middleware instance. It may include the TimeCom monitor to manage time clock deployments. 

This certified end-to-end time tracking solution is fast and easy to deploy.

We meet the needs of Home Grown Systems.

Our time clocks also play an essential role in many large companies that built their back-end systems. These customers run their homegrown applications on an Accu-Time clock.  

Our relationship and time clocks that we deliver to these companies is no different from what we do for our resellers. The expectations are the same; they want a product that works well and is durable. To that end, they want to work with a company that will be there to support them whenever they need technical help. And that, after our time clocks, is what we do best!  

To our future customers, contact us and let us find a solution that best fits your business needs. We have the time clocks, software services, and customer support that you will need to make your business and your customers’ business successful.  Contact us today. 

Find out how ATS can help you grow.

Whatever your needs are, we’ll find the right hardware solution to achieve your business goals.