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Accu-Time System, Inc Develops Cloud-Based Time Tracking System

Accu-Time Systems delivers a complete platform that collects employee time data, while providing an enhanced level of customer service.

Collect critical employee data with Accu-Time Systems’ (ATS) new AccuCloud® Time Collection Solution. The product aims to deliver an added value to Workforce Management Software Vendors and their customers.

The AccuCloud product provides a seamless integration to collect employee time and additional critical data at the clock and send it to the customer’s back-end system for processing.

AccuCloud delivers a unified and complete platform that includes durable ATS time collection devices, a cloud-based middleware instance, and a web-based management portal. Within the management portal, customers have access to the AccuCloud Monitor — a web-based dashboard displaying the communication status of each of the customer’s time clocks. The portal also shows punches and punch rates down to the employee level and much more.

“We created AccuCloud to remove the logistical and financial barriers associated with the development of a seamless cloud-based system,” said Ryan McColgan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ATS. “Our goal is to let Workforce Management SaaS providers focus on what they do best; develop and sell WFM software while we take on the heavy lifting of building, testing, and shipping their customers time clocks.”

AccuCloud’s monitoring, reporting, and communication capabilities enable Workforce Management Software vendors to deliver an enhanced level of customer service to their customers. Accu-Time System retains the responsibility for hosting and managing AccuCloud, while also providing an easy entry point and framework for reselling both time clocks and value-added services to their customers.

“AccuCloud makes it so much easier for WFM SaaS companies to remain competitive while primarily focusing on their core business. The fact that we can integrate, build, test, and ship their customers’ time clocks directly to their customers, makes AccuCloud the best cloud-based time and attendance system yet,” said Ryan McColgan. “The goal of this product is to improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction while giving end-user clients greater visibility and control of critical data.”

Learn more about AccuCloud®, its functionality, and technical specifications. Download our whitepaper – A Better Way to Grow Your Business.

Accu-Time Systems builds durable and easy-to-use employee time clocks. They include touch or non-touch time clocks, biometric, proximity or swipe card technologies. To learn more about ATS’s products, please visit the following link:

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About Accu-Time Systems, Inc.

ATS, an AMANO Company, builds durable and easy-to-use employee time clocks on which our Reseller customers can run their workforce management software applications. They include touch or non-touch time clocks, biometric, proximity, or swipe card technologies. ATS also delivers TimeCom, a cloud-based time tracking solution capable of collecting and transmitting employee data between an ATS time clock and the back end integration with Workday Time Tracking and Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor.