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ATS has been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation over the past several weeks.  Our collective number one priority is the health and safety of all citizens, including ATS’ employees, our customers, and ATS’ suppliers worldwide.  With that said, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you of ATS’ ability to deliver our product to you. Read the full statement

The best fingerprint time clock solutions your business needs.

ATS’ biometric time clocks and non-biometric clocks accurately capture and deliver employee time and attendance data to your back-end systems.

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The best way to make your software more powerful happens when you put it in an Accu-Time Systems Time Clock

The best and most powerful way to make your customers love your software, even more, is to put in an Accu-Time Systems time clock.

At Accu-Time Systems, we design, build and sell many types of employee time clocks. We sell biometric time clocks, Proximity card readers to swipe card reader time clocks.

These robust and reliable time clocks are configurable to meet your customers’ needs and a powerful device when fully integrated with your back-end system.

Our Android-based time clocks make it easy to re-use any Android applications. As a result, it gives resellers full control of what they deliver to their customers. 

Putting your software in an Accu-Time time clock will help you succeed. 

Fully integrating your software with an ATS clock is the best way to get the most out of your software offering.

If your business sells Time and Attendance software, payroll software, or have a complete workforce management offering, now is the time to offer an ATS time clock.

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