Only|You™ Face, ATS’ Facial Recognition Time Clock

Only|You™ Face, ATS’ Facial Recognition Time Clock, Delivers a Superior Time Clock Experience

The stride®80 biometric time clock takes a big step forward with Only|You™ Face, ATS’ proprietary facial recognition time clock. The stride80 with facial recognition delivers on the promise of providing a more hygienic, user-friendly, and money-saving time clock system.

facial recognition time clock

Seamless Integration with your time collection application 

You can easily integrate Only|You™ facial recognition time clock system with your time collection application. The seamless integration will make your solution stand out in the facial recognition time clock market. 

By integrating our facial recognition time clock into your software your customers can accurately collect their employees worked hours.

Secure & accurate facial recognition time clock 

Lower your customers’ payroll bloat with a facial recognition time clock that promotes two-factor authorization with their employee credentials, ensuring enhanced security and accuracy in employee attendance collection.

facial recognition time clock
Facial Recognition Time Clock

User-friendly Facial Recognition Time Clock

IDassist, the onboard user interface, guides users to a proper standing position during facial recognition biometric reading. 

Through visual guides, IDassist indicates when the user is too close, too far, or at the proper distance from the time clock during first-time enrollment or daily punches. 

Only|You™Facial Recognition Time Clock Benefits

  • Only|You fully integrates with your application or ATS’ TimeCollect.
  • Only|You includes comprehensive SDK and API documentation that allows for fast Integration.
  • Only|You delivers quick facial recognition results with a low failure rate.
  • Only|You intelligently adapts user templates through sustained use.
  • ATS provides ongoing Only|You support and delivers secure remote software updates.
  • Only|You can have touchless workflows with your time collection application.
  • Only|You increases staff and workers’ safety.
  • Only|You integrates with your existing badges or employee ID numbers.
  • Only|You delivers a more accurate payroll, cutting administrative costs.
  • Only|You significantly reduces buddy punching and time theft.
  • Only|You has no known template capacity limitations on the stride80.
  • The User Interface, IDassist, accurately guides users during enrollment or regular use.
Face recognition system with time collection software

Pre-built time collection application with Only|You Facial Recognition Time Clock 

Use ATS’ TimeCollect, a time and data collection application embedded in the stride80 Android-based time clock, as the most efficient alternative to developing or using your application. TimeCollect significantly improves your time-to-market and delivers the functionality you will need to allow users to punch in and out using a badge and biometric technologies.

The Best Customer Support

Take your time and attendance software to the next level when you integrate it with the stride80 facial recognition time clock. We make integrating your time collection application and your back-end system to the stride80 easy. Our talented customer success team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Facial Recognition Time Clock

User-Friendly Facial Recognition Time Clock

Our facial recognition time clock offers unparalleled ease of use, streamlining the way your customers utilize the clock, with its fast user interface your customers can avoid long lines at the time clock.

How Facial Recognition Time Clocks Can Improve Attendance 

facial recognition time clock

Time clocks track employee attendance, but the best time clocks help improve employee attendanceThe best biometric time and attendance systems provide a unique opportunity to improve attendance. 

Facial recognition time clocks creates a low-contact experience for employees at the time clock. Adding facial recognition to high-function time clocks with the power to operate quickly means fewer employees gathering around the time clock waiting to punch in or out. The combination results in fewer opportunities for employees to share bugs and bacteria that can spread illness.

When you offer customers and prospects biometric face recognition time clocks as part of your employee attendance and workforce management software, what you’re offering them is a tool that can improve employee productivity by reducing the need for them to use their sick days.

Why Use ATS’ Facial Recognition Time Clock

Our facial recognition time clock is an add-on compatible with our stride80 time clock.

Together, they provide a solution for your customers with concerns about time clocks as a potential health risk for their workforce.

We designed our face recognition time clock to transform capturing time and attendance for your customers by allowing the time clock to identify employees by their facial characteristics.

How Facial Recognition Time Clocks Work

Biometric facial recognition technology has been developing for decades. There are a variety of facial recognition technologies today, but they all operate in similar ways.

The facial recognition software scans a person’s face, mapping out the geometry of its features. The collected data is then input into an algorithm and encrypted as a data string.

This encrypted data string is the basis of the template used to compare the live image of the person standing before the time clock. The time clock can be set up to verify or identify the employee.

  • The verification process uses a Two-Factor authentication process. Employees identify with the time clock using employee badge  or using the keypad to and typing employee ID #. It selects the biometric facial recognition template for that employee and conducts a time clock comparison to the facial scan taken of the person at the time clock. If the facial recognition software verifies the person is who they say they are by matching the live facial scan to the selected template, it lets them use the time clock. If the biometric template and live facial scan don’t match, the time clock cannot verify the employee’s identity, and they won’t be able to use the time clock.

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How an Employee Time Clock with Facial Recognition Can Reduce Sick Days

We’ve all seen how quickly some illnesses can spread through groups of people, whether at school, at work, or just out shopping.

A common vector for spreading germs is the proximity and utilization of shared resources, like an employee time clock or printer.

Since COVID-19, everyone has a higher sensitivity to shared health risks within groups and new, higher expectations for maintaining a safe work environment.

Looking at time clocks they present two main health risks:

  • A constant stream of employees touching the time clock multiple times to complete a single punch in or out.
  • Slow-functioning time clocks that can’t process punches quickly create large groups of employees standing in close proximity as they wait to punch in or out.

Poor hygiene practices, whether employees who don’t wash their hands or maintenance teams who don’t keep device surfaces clean, can exacerbate these health risks at the time clock.

How Our Facial Recognition Time Clock Reduces Both Risks

The stride80 hardware and our facial recognition time clock software combine to provide layers of defense at the time clock.

Stride80 hardware

The processing power and memory storage in the stride80 keep the employee line moving at the time clock. The clock quickly handles all aspects of employee interaction, including biometric authentication.

The stride80’s speed minimizes employees’ wait time and risk around the time clock at shift change.

The stride80 also has a presence sensor that awakes the time clock screen without requiring physical contact from the employee.

Facial Recognition System Software

facial recognition time clockEmployees enrolled in the biometric facial recognition process often only need to touch the time clock screen once during a subsequent time clock interaction to kick off the facial authentication process. The stride80 camera quickly captures the facial features and runs the selected detection process (verification).

If the authentication is positive, the stride80 screen displays the employee’s name and other information for the employee to view. If you have a simplified workflow and the scan is accurate, the punch is complete, and an attendance record is created.

In most cases, the employee doesn’t need to touch the time clock again. Some companies opt to have employees select the punch type (e.g. In/Out or Meal In/Out). In these cases, employees would use the touchscreen a second time.

If the information displayed is not accurate or more information is needed – say the employee needs to select a job transfer or correct the punch type displayed – the employee may be able to correct it at the time clock before the attendance record is created. The employee touches the time clock screen to make the updates.

Because this type of update or correction is rare, we designed the system to allow employees to make updates at the time clock screen because it was the best balance between reducing the risk of transmission at the time clock and ensuring your customers didn’t have to spend time and money to review payroll errors because an inaccurate attendance record was created.

Enrollment in the Facial Recognition System

Before the facial recognition time clock can verify any employee, they have to enroll in the biometric facial recognition program at the time clock. This is typically a one-time process and does require a few taps on the screen.

facial recognition on the stride80 comes with ID Assist, a color-coded visual guide that walks employees through the enrollment and daily authentication process.

Through the hardware and software combination of the stride80 and FRS, the risks at the time clock are reduced exponentially, both in terms of how often employees must touch the time clock and how long they spend waiting together to use it.

Additional Benefits of Face Recognition Time Tracking

Minimizing the health risks of using shared devices and reducing sick days needed by employees is a major benefit of offering facial recognition software, but not the only advantage.

Customers using a facial recognition time clock also benefit from:

facial recognition time clockSignificantly reducing buddy punching– this version of time theft can bloat payroll.

increased payroll accuracy.

You also benefit from facial recognition time clocks because it allows you to offer biometrics to companies and industries that can’t use fingerprint time clocks or hand recognition readers.

Healthcare and the food industries are good examples. Any field where employees wear gloves or are likely to have foreign substances get on their hands as they work, interfering with fingerprint or hand recognition.

A Closer Look at the Facial Recognition Time Clock Software

Our facial recognition time clock works exclusively with our Android-based stride80 time clock. You can choose which software to use on the stride80.

  • Using TimeCollect: Our time clock time collection software is ready to integrate with our FRS. It also has built-in data privacy management that complies with existing laws regarding use of employee biometric data, such as Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act. TimeCollect upgrades are delivered securely over-the-air. Our TimeCollect software also has two integration options. If you opt in to use our AccuCloud solution, which comes with full integration and our TimeCollect software. We already have a robust middleware layer that you select to use too and save yourself the time and expense of building additional software. Alternatively, you can build your own middleware to manage the biometric templates.
  • Using Your Android-based time collection software: If you have a time collection app or want to build one, you can use it on the stride80 too. The FRS has a complete SDK so you can integrate it with our facial recognition software and your middleware. This includes integrating our IDAssist visual user guide so your team doesn’t have to write your own employee assistance module for the time clock from scratch. Our goal with our software options and the development flexibility of the Android-based stride80 is to make it easy and lucrative for you to bring a biometric time-tracking system into your product portfolio.

Our goal with our software options and the development flexibility of the Android-based stride80 is to make it easy and lucrative for you to bring a biometric time tracking system into your product portfolio.

facial recognition time clock

Keep Employees Safe and Productive with a facial recognition time clock

A facial recognition time clock is another tool you can offer customers to manage their absenteeism and maximize productivity, but one that does so by addressing workplace safety and employee health directly.

We’ve all learned that there are no guarantees, but there are steps – when taken consistently – that help reduce the risk of transmitting illness. Our facial recognition software is one of those steps.

You can go to market quickly with a time clock that includes facial recognition by reselling the facial recognition time clock with TimeCollect, backed by our middleware.

You can also use our SDK to build your software and integrations. Either way, talk with us today to see how the Facial Recognition Software works and learn more about how you can make facial recognition part of your workforce systems.

Your success is our success.  Let’s work together!