Prodigy™ Standard features

  • Linux OS
  • 16-key tactile 4×4 matrix
  • Numeric keypad, 0-9
  • 4 software-defined function keys
  • 32 MB RAM and 32 MB flash

Prodigy™ – Affordable Time Keeping

The Prodigy™ time and attendance tracking system — an ideal blend of performance, function, style, and affordability built for essential workforce management transactions. Prodigy is designed for those who demand a rich suite of features at an affordable price:  web services, customizable function keys, optional biometrics, and more! Biometric options protect employees’ personal information and eliminate costly buddy-punching.

The Prodigy™ time keeping clock is able to operate in temperatures ranging from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius (32 to +122 F) and storage temperatures ranging from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius (-4˚ to +176˚F). The Prodigy is built to last.

Biometric reader, Keypad & Swipecard reader

Expand your product portfolio and
deliver high-quality, long-lasting time clocks

The Prodigy™ employee time keeping system numeric keypad allows employees to use an employee’s personal PIN code to perform daily transactions. The Prodigy can be configured to allow contactless proximity card, swipe card, or fingerprint readers.

Combining the power of your WFM software with the Prodigy™ time keeping system from ATS, lets you deliver a full and comprehensive solution to your customers to help them meet their business challenges while we help you grow your business

Key Features of the Prodigy™

  • Operating System
  • Linux
  • Standard features
  • 16-key t4 x 4 matrix tactile keypad
  • Numeric keypad, 0-9
  • 4 software-defined function keys (e.g. in/out and two other functions)
  • Customizable overlay allows for unique graphic options
  • 32 MB RAM and 32 MB flash
  • Comprehensive SDK Tool Kit. Available to help your team develop a fast and seamless integration to your back end system.


The new Prodigy time clock is built to your specifications.  Accu-Time Systems can build your Prodigy time clock using the following technologies:

  • Biometric Reader
  • Proximity Card Reader
  • Keypad
  • Swipe Card Reader
  • Barcode Card Reader

Contact sales for more information.

Operating System
  • Linux
  • 32 MB RAM and 32 MB flash
  • Optional: Java/Python 128 MB RAM and 128 MB flash
Application Software
  • ATS Universal Command Set or third-party custom application packages
  • Standard 802.3 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet with DHCP
  • USB port for mass storage device
  • Optional EIA standard RS232
  • Optional internal modem (FCC Part 68 certified)
  • 12 VDC (nominal) 1.25A, 15W maximum
  • Optional uninterruptible power supply with charger
  • Optional IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant POE
  • 18.4 cm x 21.3 cm x 9.65 cm
  • 7.25” x 8.40” x 3.80”

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