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Join us on a journey to explore the advantages of Android-based time clocks, discover the revolutionary AccuCloud® solution, and unravel the complexities of time reporting, compliance, and fraud. Immerse yourself in the limitless possibilities offered by the Stride80 Android-based timekeeping system and streamline your business with provisioning time clocks for resellers. Learn from 30 years of ATS expertise, dedicated to helping partners grow their businesses. Click the links provided, download our time clock ebooks and embark on a captivating exploration of innovative solutions and valuable insights.

android-based time clocks

In this ebook,  we’ll explore some of the advantages of offering an Android terminal, including how to:

  • Strengthen your customer relationships by being a full-service partner, offering a range of terminals that can meet any scenario.
  • Minimize development time integrating terminal software and data sharing with back-end systems and mobile applications.
  • Improve customer loyalty as software runs seamlessly on the terminal, easily evolving as new functions and iterations get rolled out.
  • Expand the scope of your mobile app’s usability to meet the needs of those prospects that require physical time clocks to address their security and data integrity concerns, prospects a company would otherwise lose.  Click this link to download the ebook.

We created AccuCloud® to remove these logistical and cost barriers, and allow SaaS providers to open a new revenue stream. AccuCloud® is a cloud-based time collection solution, designed to deliver exceptional customer value, insight, and greater control over your customers’ time clock deployments and their integration with your back-end system. Reselling AccuCloud® is a low overhead, high-value revenue opportunity for your company.  By the end of this short cloud-based solution and time clock ebook, you’ll have a clear picture of AccuCloud®, its functionality and business application, its technical environment, as well as the value it will bring to your business. Click this link to Downlod the ebook.

Improperly Reported hours, Compliance, and Fraud.  The Wrong Time Clock Can Leave You Open to a Number of Headaches. 

Having the wrong reporting system—or no time clock at all—in the workplace makes payroll’s job more difficult and creates inefficiencies, but the inaccuracies can also leave you open to fraud, breed animosity among employees, and cause non-compliance with labor laws or union policies. Let’s have a look at a scenario that highlights a few of the major problems that arise with inaccurately reported time and attendance. Employee Smith is running late, and texts Employee Jackson to clock in for them both. Employee Jackson agrees, so according to all records, Employee Smith was at work on time and gets paid as such, despite being an hour late. Meanwhile, at the end of the day, Employee David clocks out at the office with everybody else but goes to visit a client afterward and puts in an extra two hours of work. Because of the outdated punch clock system, Employee David can only punch in and out at the office and doesn’t get paid for the extra time with the client. Click this link to download the ebook. 

stride80 android-based timekeeping system

The Stride80 Is No Ordinary Time and Attendance Time Clock.  Make no mistake – it collects date and time data with all the accuracy and ease you’ve learned to expect from an ATS time clock. But date and time data collection is the stride80’s starting point. Its ceiling has no limits. The stride80 is a purpose-built Android-based terminal platform, on which your organization can run any employee self-service applications it develops. High-value applications that will extend the reach and value of your solution right to the terminal. Its 8” high-resolution multi-touch screen and highquality audio and video make it the ideal device to provide time collection and employee self-service (ESS) functionalities.  Click this link to download the ebook.

Provisioning Time Clocks for Resellers

What You’ll Learn In This Time Clock eBook.  Provisioning time clocks is the most straightforward way to expand your business model. Specifically if you’re working with a time clock partner that does all the heavy lifting. By the end of this short eBook, you’ll have a clear picture of the value of Provisioning with ATS and how it can quickly help your organization grow. Re-selling time clocks to your customers becomes much easier and more profitable when your organization doesn’t have to handle the hardware during any phase of the provisioning process. With ATS doing the provisioning work in the background, your company:

• Bears no logistics or labor costs for managing the time clocks
• Ramps up a new revenue stream quickly since you don’t need to design any workflows or physical logistics to handle the provisioning process
• Delivers a complete solution quickly and consistently every time, with a responsible, customer-oriented time clock vendor like ATS backing you up – none of your employees will have to lift a finger to get your time clocks into your customers’ hands. Click this link to download the ebook.

time and attendance and employee self-service time clocks

Everything You Need to Know About What to Offer to Your Customers:
Efficiently running an accurate payroll is a key goal for all companies. Payroll is certainly one of the significant expenses for most companies and payroll errors are expensive. That’s why your customers want a time clock collecting employee work hours. The right time clock ensures secure, accurate data gets gathered and fed to all the other systems that need it, and mitigates the risk of losing money through costly payroll errors, inaccurate reporting, or, time-theft, through buddy punching, on the part of employees. As companies adopt new technologies to track the time and attendance of their employees, it’s vital to pair these Workforce Management, Payroll or Time and Attendance solutions with a durable and long-lasting time clock that helps them optimize the functionality and value of these software solutions.  Click this link to download the ebook.

30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ATS stands unparalleled in the time and attendance hardware industry, offering valuable expertise developed over 30 years as the field’s leading innovator. Designing and building the most advanced and durable time and attendance hardware is one part of our mission. One of our most cherished values – a value on which ATS was founded in 1991 – is to always help our partners grow their business. ATS deploys more than time clocks. We deploy our full complement of resources and insights to our partners so they can quickly bring to market and scale the new services and benefits ATS solutions help them provide. Click this link to learn more about partnering with Accu-Time Systems.

employee time clocks

Who hasn’t forgotten their phone in the car, or left it on the counter at the local coffee shop? What does that employee do when arriving at work? In a mobile only world, they can’t punch in for the day. Each day this happens for one employee, that’s at least four time records that have to be recorded and delivered to payroll manually. Each incident creates more manual administrative work tracking time and reconciling payroll work for your team.

A wall-mounted employee time clock lets your employees clock in and out every time, ensuring all punches are recorded and guaranteeing all payroll calculations are run using accurate work hours. Click here to view our eBook Why Mobile Phones Can Hinder Productivity and Compromise Safety.