PeoplePoint™ Turbo Standard features

  • Android-based 
  • 7” Widescreen Touch Display
  • 2 Speakers
  • Microphone
  • eMMC – 16GB Storage

Leverage the power of your software with an Android-based timekeeping system.

PeoplePoint™ Turbo timekeeping system lets you take your Android applications to new levels. With the PeoplePoint Turbo, you can deliver the applications and features that matter most to your customers. Designed with ease of use, the 7” widescreen touch display makes it simple to navigate schedules, view accruals, and enforce attestation. The time clock can deliver, support, and display HTML5 web-based applications. These capabilities are delivered through PeoplePoint Turbo’s rich graphics, speakers, and camera.

As a Value Added Reseller (VAR), you can now develop Workforce Management and employee self-service applications and quickly deploy them on the Android-based PeoplePoint™ Turbo time clock.

Which configuration is right for you?

Biometric and Prox.         |        Keypad and Prox. reader         |        Biometric & Keypad

PeoplePoint™ Turbo Android-based employee time clocks deliver unparalleled accuracy, durability, and longevity

In your business, payroll accuracy is paramount, and offering a dependable, durable time and attendance tracking system can help you deliver the accurate employee time and attendance information that your customers are looking for.  Together with Accu-Time Systems, you can deliver a complete solution to your customers: your software running on a PeoplePoint Turbo terminal.

Key Features of the PeoplePoint™ Turbo

  • Operating System
    • Android OS 5.0
  • Purpose-built Android-based Hardware
    • Offers comprehensive Android-based hardware solutions equipped with a rich feature set of employee identification options, like fingerprint, proximity, swipe, and barcode readers, or keypad-only
  •  Standard features
    • 7” Widescreen Touch Display
    • 2 Speakers
    • Microphone
    • eMMC – 16GB Storage
  • Comprehensive Android SDK Tool Kit
    • Available to help your team develop a fast and seamless integration to your back end system.
  • The Android-based time clock can support HTML 5 applications
    • Allows for easy integration of web content within the time collection device application.


The PeoplePoint™ Turbo is built to your specifications.  Accu-Time can build your Premium Time Clock using the following technologies:

  • Biometric Reader
  • Proximity Card Reader
  • Keypad
  • Swipe Card Reader
Processor Freescale i.MX6 Quad Core up to 1GHz
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 512MB Flash
Mass Storage
  • Non-removable eMMC
  • 16GB of which at leat 10GB are user available
Application Software
  • Android-based applications
  • Standard 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet
  • Optional internal 3G cellular modem
  • Internal USB port
  • Optional 4-Port USB Hub
  • 12 VDC (nominal) 2A, 24W maximum
  • Optional uninterruptible power supply with charger
  • Optional IEEE 802.3/at-compliant POE Module
  • Height 26.67 cm x Width 22.86 cm x Depth 10.16 cm
  • Height 10.5”  x  Width 9”  x  Depth 4”


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PeoplePoint™ Turbo

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