Cloud-based Time and Attendance Tracking & Integration Solution for Workforce Management Software Vendors.

Cloud-based Time Collection Solution Tailor-made
for HCM or ERP Software Vendors

Fast, secure, and seamless integration of AccuCloud® with your HCM or ERP system will help you improve data collection, cut administrative and operational costs.

AccuCloud® is a scalable, enterprise-grade cloud-based employee time and attendance tracking and data collection solution built to seamlessly integrate and work with HCM and ERP applications and back-end systems. AccuCloud includes:

  • Durable ATS time collection devices.
  • A cloud-based middleware instance.
  • A web-based management portal.

You also have access to the AccuCloud® monitor, which gives you and your customers direct visibility into your time clock environments, employee punch transactions, connectivity, time clock utilization, and more, in addition to messaging, reporting, and analysis tools.

We created AccuCloud® to remove logistical and cost barriers and allow WFM and ERP SaaS providers to quickly go to market, improve customer satisfaction, and open new revenue streams. AccuCloud® is a cloud-based time collection solution designed to deliver exceptional customer value, insight, and greater control over your customers’ time clock deployments and their integration with your back-end system.

Reselling AccuCloud® is a low overhead high-value revenue opportunity for your company.  

Bundling your software with AccuCloud® means offering a comprehensive time collection solution, which translates to growth for your business.  

Learn more about how to resell AccuCloud and deliver a seamless integration of your back-end software with an ATS time clock.  With AccuCloud, you do not have to take on the burden of configuring, maintaining, and storing time clocks; instead, we let you and your teams keep the focus on what you do best, selling your software solution with the added value of AccuCloud. 

Seamlessly Integrate Your HCM or ERP System

accucloud architecture

AccuCloud’s Streamlined Implementation

From developing the blueprint, to a successful go-live,
ATS’ implementation professionals are with you from day one.

Using our time-tested implementation process, our team of specialists will work with you to build, test, deploy and deliver a solid and seamless integration between our durable time clocks, our secured hosted middleware, and your back-end application.

Blueprint & Design


testing of AccuCloud


Training your employees on how to use AccuCoud


Go-live of Accucloud


On-going customer support


5 Reasons Why Your Customers Will Love a Cloud-Based Time Clock

#1 Easy Integration

All components of the AccuCloud system have been designed for a stress-free integration into your customers’ broader ERP or HCM environment.

Our implementation process is easy on you and your customers. The result is a secure, reliable, and seamless two-way data flow between the time clocks and their back-end system.

#2 Cloud-Based Employee Time Clocks are a Perfect Alternative to Mobile

Mobile phones are useful tools, but not as a time clock replacement. Cloud- based time clocks are the better alternative when:

  • The security or payroll departments need to know it is the employee that’s clocking in and out.
  • A company doesn’t allow employees to use personal devices for work. · Not all Employees are able to clock in on computers.
  • Companies are required to use a hardware solution

#3 Worry-Free Payroll and Employee Data Collection

Capturing work location data to ensure payroll calculates withholdings properly is one way AccuCloud contributes to an accurate, compliant payroll. Here are three more ways:

  • There’s no interruption in the collection of employee time if a time clock disconnects from the network. ATS time clocks continue to collect and store attendance data and send it once re-connected.
  • Data is validated at the middleware, so only error-free data gets delivered to the payroll software.
  • IT teams can check the status of data flowing through the monitoring portal, ensuring that data is connecting to the back-end system.

We built AccuCloud, our cloud-based time clock management system, to provide both you and your customers with unparalleled insight and control over their time clock fleets and workforce management integrations. Here are five of the reasons why your customers will love it.

#4 Time Clock Deployment Visibility

The AccuCloud monitoring portal provides a view into the connectivity status of each time clock, as well as data flow integration status. This is unprecedented, real-time visibility into the working of the time clock integration and helps minimize any potential downtime.

#5 A Cloud-Based Clock Enhances Employee Engagement

The improved reliability of the cloud-based time clock also improves the employee experience. Employees want to clock in quickly, not stand around in groups waiting. Providing them with an efficient and reliable time clock that gets them in and out fast contributes to employee happiness, which makes everyone happier.

Cloud-Based Time Clocks Also Benefit Resellers

Offering cloud-based time clocks within a management system that monitors your customers integrations, positions you as a full-service partner – with new revenue streams to go with it.

We made the AccuCloud system flexible so our partners can design the resale business model that works for them.

With direct view into customers’ integrations with your solution, AccuCloud is as advantageous for our partners as it is for their customers.


Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Tracking: The Better Way To Grow Your Business

Are you an Independent Software Vendor who is regularly on the lookout for new, lucrative ways to expand your portfolio? You may be shying away from adding hardware to your offerings in efforts to avoid the burden of extra fees and logistics that can often times eat up revenue.

ATS’s AccuCloud® system eliminates the logistical strain of reselling time clocks and streamlines your integration with a back-end solution, all while providing a cloud-based platform you can monetize.

  • Hosted and maintained by ATS.
  • Preconfigured terminals deliver a Plug-and-play experience.
  • Customizable VAR Integration – Customize your offering to meet your business needs.
  • Fast customer deployment – Up and running quickly.
  • Seamless integration – Sends time collection data directly to your back-end system.
  • Durable Terminals – Purpose-built for Time Tracking.
  • 12 standard terminal workflows
  • Customized workflows.
  • Enterprise-level security
  • VAR-Branded terminals and web portal.
  • Increased time clock visibility. Real-time terminal and terminal clocking events.
  • Automated time clock monitoring and immediate customer alert & notifications.
  • Localization, time zone, and language management.
  • Manages and Configures 1,000s of Terminals remotely.
  • Automated remote updates for the terminal software.
  • Terminal installation services are available.
  • Customer Support – Service Level Agreements that meet your business needs.
  • Time clocks are easy to install and use out-of-the-box
  • Our biometric time clocks prevent buddy punching
  • Time clocks can use barcode, magnetic stripe, and proximity card readers – using your customer’s existing badges
  • Supports more than 60 languages
  • Self-monitoring with automatic alerts sent to the ATS Support Team and your IT team
  • Time clock software is configured to fit your business processes

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AccuCloud® time and attendance tracking solution is the easiest way to sell more of your software, manage your customers and grow your business without ever having to touch a time clock.