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Provisioning Services from Accu-Time Systems is
the straightforward way to grow your business.

Let ATS do the heavy lifting – From building your clocks to shipping them to your Customers.

ATS Provisioning Services. Our manufacturing site.

Using ATS Provisioning Services is the most straightforward way to expand your business.

When ATS provisions your customers’ time clocks, we will build and deliver fully customized and configured time clocks directly to them. Provisioning your time clocks includes:

  1. Building the time clocks.
  2. Configuring them to meet your customer’s specifications, for example:
    • Adding a biometric reader
    • Keypad
    • Swipe card reader
    • Proximity card reader
    • Camera and speakers
  3. Uploading your software onto the time clock.
  4. Testing each time clocks to ensure it is operating properly.
  5. Shipping the time clocks directly to you or your customer and confirming receipt of the delivery.

ATS Provisioning services makes reselling time clocks much easier and more profitable because your organization doesn’t have to handle the hardware. We do that for you.

Immediate benefits of Provisioning with ATS

No need to stock any time clocks when you provision with ATS
No need to hire new employees when you provision with ATS
no space requirements for time clocks when you provision with ATS
No logistics or infrastructure requirements when you provision with ATS
no overhead expenses when you provision with ATS

No time clock stock to keep

No supplementary people to hire

No need to find space to store time clocks

No need to set-up shipping and logistics infrastructure

No additional overhead expenses

Go-to-Market Right Away with ATS Provisioning Service

With no overhead required on your part to provision the time clocks, your company has zero upfront costs and minimal ongoing costs. Using ATS Provisioning Service is the fastest and best way to sell more of your software.

Time is money

It generally takes a reseller many months – at least – to devise an upgraded or new offering and take it to market. That’s months of time, effort, and money spent before a single dime of revenue comes in. In addition, there’s no guarantee the new offering will generate the interest and return needed to justify the development costs.

Time clocks have well-established value as part of a comprehensive workforce management solution. They’re a known quantity with documented advantages for improving a company’s ability to collect and analyze accurate attendance data.

With ATS provisioning service, time clocks that you resell, your company can quickly upsell existing customers and use this value-added service to reach into new industries.

Learn more about the benefits of provisioning  – download the ebook today!

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