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TimeCollect is an Android-based time and data collection software application that lives on the stride80 time clock to make the perfect blend of flexibility, design, and precision. TimeCollect is purpose-built to give Workforce Management Software companies a competitive edge. You can save months or years of development time, critical financial resources, and effort. You can seamlessly capture, collect, and transmit necessary employee punch data at the clock and send it directly to your back-end systems.

TimeCollect is the ideal solution for…

TimeCollect software
timecollect application

Workforce Management Software companies looking for a faster and more competitive go-to-market strategy.

The pre-built data collection software is easily integrated with your back-end system to meet your data collection needs.

Workforce Management Software companies that do not have the resources to develop a complete, robust, and secure data collection application.

TimeCollect is a software application that is feature-rich capable of handling several login options.

Workforce Management Software companies looking to easily manage and distribute software updates and feature enhancements to their customers.

Key Features and Configuration Options

Use prox card to collect employee time and data

Flexible User Login Options

TimeCollect gives customers the flexibility they need to allow users to log in and access time clock functionality. Users can log in using any of the following options.

  • Magnetic swipe card
  • Barcode card
  • Proximity card
  • Keypad PIN Entry / Keypad. Badge ID Entry
  • Fingerscan biometric reader

Configurable punch functionality

TimeCollect comes loaded with a multitude of critical data collection options.  From day one you can take advantage of the following employee transaction options:

  • Punch-In – this starts the shift
  • Punch-Out – this ends the current shift
  • Meal Start – this pauses the current shift for your meal period
  • Meal End – this resumes the current shift ending the meal period
  • Break Start – this pauses the current shift and starts the break period
  • Break End – this resumes the current shift ending the break period
  • Job Transfer – this transfers employee from one job role to another

How to Choose the Right Time & Attendance Tracking System?

To choose the right time and attendance tracking system, you must consider your company’s best interests. You also need to consider the fit for your customers and how the selected time and attendance tracking system will improve their ROI.

What Your Customers are Looking for in a Time and Attendance Tracking System

There are three universal issues that concern all customers as they learn about different time and attendance systems. Their individual business requirements vary, necessitating a solution and vendor that offers flexibility.

1. Time Clock Longevity + Durability

A well-manufactured, durable time clock enhances workforce management by ensuring the greatest uptime. A time clock must weather daily handling by large volumes of employees. Replacing poorly made time clocks gets expensive. They also trigger downtime that undermines automated collection and delivery of attendance data.

2. Ability to Track, Manage and Optimize Employee Schedules

Advanced attendance tracking systems integrate schedules into the time clock. Integrating a scheduling solution with your time and attendance system empowers you to build customizable scheduling functions that enhance your solution and extend it to the time clock. With the stride80, you can build a solution for employee schedules and customized functionality into the time clock software. Employees checking upcoming schedules or submitting time-off requests at the time clock can be standard. The vendor must also provide a programming platform and SDK to give you the flexibility to meet evolving needs quickly.

Only a customizable scheduling add-on will provide the flexibility to address the varying employee scheduling approaches of your customers. Incorporating a time clock with an Android development platform, like the stride80, into your system gives you unlimited power to meet customer needs.

3. ROI of a Workforce Management System

An optimized time and attendance tracking system does more than provide a return on its costs. A fully integrated solution can also boost the ROI of your customers’ broader workforce management system. Integrating employee self-service functionality or your scheduling software with your time and attend tracking system, can have a significant financial impact. Here are three ways an optimized system helps manage a positive ROI:

· Improving compliance management through precise, secure capture of work hours and enforcing break times at the time clock.

· Reducing labor costs through schedule optimization tools that avoid excessive employee overtime hours or overstaffing.

· Freeing up managers to focus on their high value responsibilities instead of spending hours every week creating and revising employee schedules.

provisioning and deployment

What Your Time Clock Partner Should Manage

The right time clock partner needs to make your life easier and raise your marketability to potential customers.

Provisioning + Deployment

Handling hardware, a departure from your company’s core skills, has a learning curve. One that also comes with administrative and operational costs. Your company shouldn’t have to manage any of this. All aspects of time clock provisioning and shipping should be the vendor’s responsibility, as well as ensuring an easy to manage integration.

The time clock vendor needs to provide your company with a full cloud-based integration solution that includes a turn-key time clock solution, and program that ensures inventory is on hand to quickly configure to your customer’s specifications. Reselling time clocks should be an added revenue channel that grows your profit margin, not your costs.

Cloud Management

Building a cloud-based time clock solution allows time clock vendors to construct an ecosystem around the time clock integration into your system. ATS built its AccuCloud solution to provide seamless cloud-based integration between ATS time clocks and advanced ERP and HCM solutions.

AccuCloud includes time clock software and middleware that work together to validate employee time tracking data before it enters your back-end system. It also has a cloud-based portal through which you can monitor your customer’s time clock deployments. A vendor providing a complete time collection system for resellers, including a time clock, leaves your company free to focus on your core service.

Industry Innovation

Your time clock partner should be proactive in addressing new workforce management challenges. When workplace health and safety concerns heightened, ATS responded quickly with new tools that help companies protect employees: · The IRT, a non-medical thermal monitor that connects to the time clock and determines an employee’s skin temperature. When configured it can use the reading result to prevent employees with high temperatures from punching in. · Swipe-and-Go, created for our Timecom customers, is a time clock workflow that provides a contactless experience, so employees don’t have to touch the time clock.

You should also see a record of product updates that reflect the vendor’s ability to read workforce management trends. Here’s how ATS responded to the changes in how to track employees’ time and attendance in 2021.

Choose a Company that Will Work for You

The time clock vendor that works for you is one that’s also working for your customer. It starts with offering a selection of time clocks that can meet a wide range of attendance tracking requirements and workplace environments. Finding the time clocks that will work for you is the first threshold.

However, you want a time clock partner that’s still there after the clocks are sold and deployed. The quality and responsiveness of ongoing customer support it provides is critical to forging a profitable, long-term relationship.

Your success is our success.  Let’s work together!