The ROI on Facial Identification Terminals for your Business

Companies show growing interest in the potential of facial identification terminals and the sophisticated technology that can add cost control to their payrolls.

So they’re showing interest in buying a face recognition terminal, but selling a facial recognition system needs to make financial sense for your business model. Partnering with ATS to resell our Facial Recognition System provides your company with a significant opportunity to increase revenue and profitability.

Introducing our Facial Recognition Technology

The ATS Facial Recognition System (FRS) software works exclusively with our state-of-the art stride80 time clock. FRS software is our proprietary face recognition technology and purpose-built to use the stride80’s features, including camera, touch screen, and presence sensor, to create a simple, intuitive biometric time clock experience.

It’s also optimized to take advantage of the stride80’s processing power and large memory to process employee verification quickly at the FRS-enabled time clock.

Financial Advantages of Reselling ATS Facial Recognition Time Clocks

We design our products keeping in mind how each one delivers ROI to our resale partners. We’ve done the same with our facial recognition software. Reselling the stride80 with facial recognition capabilities delivers the following financial benefits.

Easy to Market Facial Recognition Time Clocks

A facial recognition terminal contributes to your customers’ bottom line. It’s the only time clock contactless attendance reader option that requires the employee be at the door, in front of the clock. Thus, it makes buddy punching more unlikely, saving your customers money by cutting down on time theft.

The result? Companies collect more accurate attendance data that reflects actual time worked so they aren’t overpaying for labor.

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You can promote other cost-saving advantages, such as how a facial recognition time clock can lower sick days, improving employee attendance. Our stride80 with facial recognition software works to minimize touches needed on the time clock to complete a transaction.

Using face recognition also significantly reduces costs associated with managing employee credentials. When you share with prospects and customers the kind of ROI they will enjoy with a face recognition terminal, reselling the face recognition technology as part of your attendance system becomes a far easier sell.

Reselling facial recognition devices can also expand your market to include those companies looking for a biometric attendance solution, but can’t use a fingerprint or handprint reader. Any industry that requires employees to wear gloves, such as healthcare and restaurants, are poor candidates for any biometric reader option other than face recognition.

The stride80 with Facial Recognition Provides Fast Access to Market

We give you the tools to get to market quickly with your facial recognition system offer. If you don’t have an Android-based attendance data collection software for the time clock, you can use ours: TimeCollect. If you do have an Android-based time clock software, you can easily port it to the stride80.

You’ll also have access to a comprehensive SDK and API collection so you can easily build integrations needed, with the ATS team in the background for support. This includes access to our pre-coded onboarding guide, ID Assist , a color-coded, visual guide that walks employees through the initial enrollment and daily use processes at the time clock LCD touch screen.

You Control How the Integrations get Built

When you resell ATS technology, you resell only those components you need from us. We have AccuCloud, a full-scale, cloud-based time clock management and attendance data collection system you can resell, including the added facial recognition software.

Or, you can decide to purchase only the stride80 time clock and the FRS software if that’s all you need. You have complete control over the scope of what you buy from ATS and the integrations you need to build.

There are 3 types of integrations available with your back-end system depending on your needs and integration capabilities. You can choose from:

Time Clock Only 

Choose this option if:

You are developing the time collection application software, and the web services or flat file integration with your host application.With this option, you purchase the stride80 time clock with FRS and you take control of what you develop, from the time clock application and user interface (UI), to the integration into your back-end system.

Time Clock with FRS and Time Collection Software

Choose this option if:

You are developing the integration (flat file or web services) with your host application. With this option, you purchase the stride80 time clock with FRS and preloaded with TimeCollect software, ATS time collection application software. You take control in developing the integration between the software and your back-end system.

Full Cloud Integration                                          

Choose this option if:

You want ATS to do all the work and get you up-and-running quickly with a total solution. 1. With this option, you take advantage of ATS’ AccuCloud. 2. ATS builds a dedicated hosted Cloud instance that integrates with your back-end system. 3. We build the stride80 terminal with TimeCollect installed and FRS integrated with your back-end system. 4. You provide ATS with an employee data set and accept a punch data set from ATS.

We Make Reselling Facial Recognition Terminals Easy and Profitable

You maximize your profitability reselling the stride80 time clock with ATS face recognition software because we keep your ongoing costs to resell our time clock devices minimal.

We make reselling easy and simple for our partners. Depending on which integration option you choose, we can install your time collection software onto the stride80, or you can use ATS’ TimeCollect. We test the time clock to make sure everything is working and then we package and ship it directly to your customer.

With facial recognition time collection, you can broaden your market appeal to the leading edge companies looking for solutions using advanced technologies like biometric time clocks. As you share with your prospects and customers the details of the workplace and financial advantages our facial recognition terminal can deliver them, your pathway to earning significant ROI for your company gets smoother.

First, get your own closer look at how our facial recognition system and software operate with the stride80, and how simple it can be to add face recognition technology into your solution. Please contact us today to set up your demonstration.

Your success is our success.  Let’s work together!