Hassle-Free Time Clock Software Implementation

Reselling time clock systems can be highly profitable – if the system you’re reselling can be integrated, deployed, installed and managed easily. Without ease and scalability, you’ll see your costs and headaches grow exponentially with each new customer. Avoid this problem and instead achieve increased profitability and customer trust by choosing to resell a time clock system with these four characteristics:

1. A cloud-based system that lets you take advantage of cloud computing technology.

2. Advanced software configuration so your customers get the functionality they need for their business and workforce.

3. Automated time clock management to reduce the work needed by your IT team.

4. A low-cost and stress-free provisioning and deployment program.

Reselling a time clock system that meets these criteria can streamline your workload and increase your profit margin each resale.

Key Features of a Cloud-based Time Clock System

Operating time clocks in a cloud-based environment is at the center of being able to manage the daily needs of a growing pool of customer time clock deployments that meet your high customer support standards – without having to increase staff.

Working with a vendor-managed hardware solution means your IT team doesn’t spend any time or resources monitoring and troubleshooting server and infrastructure issues. Deploying cloud-based time clocks allows your IT team to provide the highest level of support using cloud-based resources to oversee all your customers’ time clocks in real time. As a result, your IT teams can stay focused on supporting and enhancing your workforce solution.

A cloud-based time clock environment also includes a middleware layer that further saves your IT team time and effort through automation and the ability to trigger bulk action with minimal effort. With cloud technologies at the core of the time clock system that you integrate with your solution, your company can infinitely scale your time clock deployments.

From growing customers that need to increase the number of time clocks in their fleet, to expanding your customer base by offering a complete employee time attendance and workforce management solution – the cloud-based time clock solution is the key to keeping it all manageable and financially viable.

Easily Configure and Manage the Attendance Tracking Software

Having the right middleware layer between the time clock software and your system will streamline the management of large time clock deployments. Your IT team shouldn’t need to expend any more effort to configure and update the time clocks for a global enterprise company as it does for a small, single location business.

This requires a middleware that can push out updates to the time clock software, enhancements to the operating system, and security patches easily and at scale via an over-the-air (OTA) update. Because the OTA process makes mass updates so easy:

· There’s no dangerous lag time between when a security patch becomes available and when your IT team can push it out to every deployed time clock.

· Your IT support never has to deal with time-consuming complications of supporting devices that are running on different software versions. Keeping all time clocks current with the same software version is effortless.

Perhaps the greatest time and cost saver of the OTA process is that no one has to touch a time clock to update it. Your IT team doesn’t need to coordinate separately with each of your customers to arrange and support their IT teams to get security patches and software upgrades onto every time clock.

A Time Clock System that Works with Sophisticated Middleware

The right middleware layer is an umbrella of automation that extends over all your cloud-based time clock deployments. Not all middleware is built the same. When it comes to implementing and managing a time clock system at scale, your cloud-based time clock environment needs a middleware that

· Automates the application of each customer’s unique set of business rules to the employee time tracking data collected.

· Controls a two-way data flow ensuring that only clean employee attendance data gets into your system and opening a pathway to serve up employee data from your software to the clock. A reliable two-way data integration means your customers have the data they need to run an accurate payroll and you have the opportunity to extend the value of your solution to the time clock, such as letting employees look up scheduling or vacation reports at the time clock.

· Enables an IT team member to kick-off or schedule the automated rollouts of over-the-air updates covering everything from security patches to new versions of the time clocks’ software and operating systems. The right middleware makes delivering Secure Over-the-Air (SOTA) updates to a cloud-based time clock deployment easy. Your IT team can be certain that all time clocks are properly secured and running on the current versions without having to touch a single time clock

Stress-Free Time Clock Provisioning and Deployment

The biggest concern software companies have when thinking about reselling hardware like time clocks surrounds how they’re going to handle the physical management. They envision the added costs, confusion, and trouble executing inventory management and delivery systems.

For a hassle-free time clock resale program, you need to partner with a clock vendor that handles all the provisioning and shipping for you. There’s no reason anyone on your team needs to touch a time clock to resell them.

The vendor’s IT team should handle all the time clock software configuration for your customers. Every clock ordered by your customer should arrive at the right location, fully configured to its specifications and ready for employees to clock in and out shortly after it’s connected to their network.

Your company shouldn’t incur any additional overhead costs or responsibilities regarding time clock resales other than adding order and billing processes to your procurement and invoice systems.

The Time Clock Software System that Makes it All Easy for You

At ATS, we’ve used our decades of experience designing and building time clock systems for companies of all sizes to create AccuCloud®, a cloud-based employee time tracking and data collection system. It’s filled with features that give our resale partners a stress-free implementation and management experience. The time clock software management tools include:

· Highly configurable, flexible time clocks that can be updated and managed through the cloud for maximum efficiency.

· Powerful middleware that automates most time clock management and integration tasks, including cleaning employee attendance data so no duplicate or missed records ruin a payroll run.

· Web-based portal that gives your IT team direct, real-time visibility into the operational status of every clock you’ve deployed to all your customers. Through easily consumed graphic information, your team will know immediately if a time clock has gone offline or if there’s an interruption to any data integration.

If you’re interested in a cloud-based time clock system that empowers infinite scalability that returns a widening profit margin, talk to one of our time clock system experts today to see just how powerful AccuCloud can be for your customers and your business.

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