How ATS Time Clocks Help your Clients Process Accurate Payroll

The one core service customers expect from automating employee attendance is the ability to run an accurate, fast payroll at a lower cost. Achieving this goal relies on integrating your solution with a time clock system that provides flexible and reliable automation. A time clock system that forces the hassle of manual work-arounds because it’s not reliable or can’t accommodate and grow with your solution or customers’ business needs isn’t fulfilling its promise.

With over thirty years’ experience designing and manufacturing time clocks and their peripherals, ATS time clock systems provide the flexibility and reliability you and your customers deserve. Here’s a look at how some of our most advanced offerings provide you and your customers with that flexibility, reliability, and innovation.

Tracking Complete Data for Employee Time and Attendance

Work environments and payroll compliance are getting more complex. Employees work for multiple departments, product lines, and often in multiple jurisdictions. Companies need time clock software that can accommodate your customers’ business rules as they are today and the flexibility to evolve as their business needs and rules do. Our time clock software, TimeCollect and AccuCollect, do more than collect simple clock in and out time stamps. You can configure either employee time collection software to collect the additional attendance data needed to run a compliant and accurate payroll. Two popular examples:

· For employees who clock in at different locations, it’s vital that the time clock software captures the location for every attendance record. Payroll needs this information to ensure compliance with the local jurisdiction’s labor and tax laws.

· Many employers want to make sure employees take their meal breaks, but also want to ensure that they aren’t paying for break time. Our optional meal break rule automatically reports the time of the meal break punch in to align with the legally mandated meal break time.

The ATS team always handles the installation of our time clock software, so implementing customer configured software is stress free.

Time Clocks Built on Innovation

Some of our newest innovations provide the highest degree of flexibility and security. Here are two of them

stride®80: A Bold Step In Timekeeping

The stride80 is an Android-based clock that can run any Android-based application. If you already have an Android-based mobile application for collecting time, you can port it to the stride80 time clock.

Our Android-based time clock is also a development platform, delivered with a robust SDK, so your team can constantly innovate and roll out new applications that improve your customer’s ROI from your solution.

Using the stride80’s rich set of features, such as its web-enabled, large, high-definition touchscreen, your team can convert the time clock into an employee self-service terminal. For example, you can let employees look up their payroll hours at the clock so they can find and report any potential errors in hours before payroll runs.

Features of our Cloud-based Time Collection System

AccuCloud is a complete cloud based time and attendance tracking solution that automates and simplifies all aspects of employee attendance tracking and data collection. Its main components are:

· The stride80 time clock, comes standard with a full array of features and options, such as the Only|You™ facial recognition software.

· Our cloud based middleware layer that manages data flow and integrity, safeguarding against incomplete or duplicate time tracking records making it into your customers’ workforce and payroll systems. Our middleware also automates several integrations and clock management needs, resolving the problem of how to scale your time clock resale program requiring little increase in IT resources to support a growing customer base.

· A web management portal that optimizes the collection of employee time records by giving your team real time visibility into each clock’s operational and data integration status.

All of the AccuCloud components naturally integrate with each other while working reliably with your solution. AccuCloud is a complete employee time tracking system that

offers you a flexible, modern platform for automating time collection at scale, allowing you to offer your customers an innovative system that can meet all their payroll expectations.

The Right Time Clock Makes all the Difference for Running an Accurate Payroll

All ATS time clocks and systems are designed, built and supported to provide the flexibility, reliability, and longevity that enhances your solution and your customer relationships.

We have a range of time clocks and peripherals to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and workforce complexities. Talk to one of our employee attendance tracking experts today to discover what options are best suited to helping you increase revenue and expand your market

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