Improving Attendance Tracking Using Time Clocks with Biometric Readers

The time clock hardware used by your customers with your HCM, ERP, payroll, or WFM solution is a critical piece of your software’s success. When you get proactive and resell time clocks as part of your solution, you get to control that conversation about what time clock your customers use with your solution. Adding biometric readers lets you offer a complete biometric attendance system that can expand your customer base and grow your revenue. 

How Does a Biometric Time Clock Reader Work? 

Biometric time clock readers verify a person’s identity by comparing two representations of a unique physical characteristic, such as a fingerprint or facial features.  

When an employee enrolls in a biometric attendance system, it scans their fingerprint or face with the biometric reader and software. An algorithm converts the data collected from the fingerprint or face scan into an encrypted data string. Now, when the employee stands before the terminal with a biometric reader, the reader scans the same biological feature and determines if it matches the stored template. 

A biometric attendance system may sound complex, but the face or fingerprint scan happens quickly at the time clock, which speeds up shift change and keeps people moving quickly. Improved efficiency is just one reason many companies are now looking at bringing in a biometric attendance system. Biometric time clocks will also enhance your customers’ daily lives by increasing data safety and eliminating buddy punching. 

What Time Clock Software Works with an ATS Biometric Attendance System? 

You have two options. You can develop attendance data collection software in-house to run on the ATS time clock. Or you can adopt  ATS’ time collection solutions 

ATS has been building time clocks and terminal software solutions for decades. Our solutions integrate easily with external WFM, HCM, ERP, or payroll software or home grown or proprietary systems. Many of our partners prefer this approach because it lets them focus on delivering excellence through their core expertise, while integrating our expertise into their system.   

What is the Best Biometric Attendance System? 

The best biometric attendance system varies based on a company’s needs and priorities. That’s why you want to offer a comprehensive biometric system that provides your customers with options.  

To offer them a complete, secure biometric attendance system, you won’t do better than AccuCloud, a cloud-based time collection solution paired with our stride80 time clock. The stride80 is our Android-based top-of-line time clock which can be configured with a biometric reader add-on. We also offer TimeCollect, a time collection software for resellers without their own attendance data collection software, and who want an accelerated go-to-market plan. 

How it Looks When You Add Time Clocks with Biometric Readers to Your Offerings  

We’ve heard plenty of horror stories about time clock manufacturers that deliver time clocks directly from the factory to their resale partners to store and configure. And while we can certainly send you the time clocks directly to you, we also have a different and more elegant model. When you contact us to resell  ATS time clocks and biometric attendance readers to your customers, we make it so easy for you that you’ll never have to touch a time clock or biometric reader. 

If you are ready to sell hardware for the first time:  

You don’t need to think about how you’re going to handle inventory or shipping. We do all the provisioning for the time clocks with or without biometric readers  so you’ll have no costs for managing hardware logistics. 

Because we make configuring, delivering, and installing biometric time clocks directly to your customers simple, you can emphasize selling the value of your fully integrated hardware and software system.   

If you are ready to upgrade your existing hardware selection:  

There’s never been a better time to offer a biometric attendance system. Offering the stride80 with a biometric reader gets you in front of new types of prospective customers looking for a sophisticated, adaptable biometric attendance solution 

As an Android-based and full-featured time clock, the stride80 is the launching point for offering biometric attendance tracking. It also opens up an unlimited world of possibility for your development team to build custom applications to run on the time clock, expanding your pool of potential customers even wider. 

Whatever type of badge or card a company currently uses, the right proximity or swipe card reader can be part of the biometric time clock. Your customers can start using the time clocks immediately, even as they’re enrolling employees into the biometric attendance system. It also ensures each terminal has an alternate means to accept punches from employees who don’t consent to take part in the biometric solution. 

As your customers grow, they’ll place orders for additional time clocks with you. When we get your purchase order, we’ll ship out new time clocks with their configurations directly to your customers.   

What Your Customers Need to Know about Biometric Data Collection 

Biometric readers provide the same benefits as other types of readers, like pinpointing accurate data collection and lowering costs to run payroll. It’s no wonder that payroll companies are encouraging customers to automate their attendance data collection by using time clocks. Yet biometric readers bring additional benefits, like improving the integrity of attendance data by eliminating the means for employees to engage in buddy punching or other forms of time theft. 

Yet, because biometric readers scan biometric features, your customers need to be aware of some issues surrounding their use.

  • Best practices require that companies get affirmative consent from employees before enrolling them in the biometric attendance system. In some jurisdictions, this is legally required. Affirmative consent includes having reasonable accommodation for employees to clock in and out. This accommodation is easy to achieve with ATS time clocks. All our terminals that work with biometric readers also include additional readers, like a keypad and proximity reader. So every time clock you sell should have a secondary reader to supplement the biometric one. A best practice biometric consent policy also makes it clear how employees can rescind their consent.
  • The biometric attendance system doesn’t store identifiable biometric images, which is usually employees’ biggest concern. The biometric scanner collects data points, such as depth of a fingerprint ridge, and converts it into an encrypted string of data. 
  • While your customers won’t be storing biometric images, they should create a documented data management plan specific to biometric template data, including how long it will be stored.
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Contact Us to Set You Up with Biometric Attendance Time Clocks 

Reselling biometric time and attendance clocks is the fastest way to multiple, additional revenue streams and increased profitability, especially when you resell with ATS and let us handle the provisioning.  

  • Being able to offer companies biometric time clocks positions you to target the growing pool of enterprise prospects that want leading edge solutions like a biometric attendance system. 
  • Reselling time clocks broadens scope of your solution’s utility, improving your customers’ ROI with your solution. It tightens your relationship with customers, leading to higher lifetime value. 
  • When you partner with us, you can also resell the value-added services we can provide through solutions like AccuCloud, which raise the level of service you can provide customers with time clock fleet integration and management tools. 

However you are planning to package your resale of AccuCloud software and services, talk with your Account Executive about putting your logo on the time clocks, so your company remains front and center with your customers.

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We have been designing, manufacturing, and selling attendance data collection systems, hardware and software, for over thirty years. Our objectives have always been to deliver attendance systems using the most advanced technology to ensure the accurate and reliable collection of attendance data, and to make our systems easily integrated into broader WFM, payroll, ERP and HCM solutions. 
That’s why we base our growth strategy on our ability to help our resale partners grow their business. We make reselling the highest quality time clocks so easy and profitable for our partners; that way we all win – including your customers. 
Ready to see how quickly you can start generating new revenue by reselling a biometric attendance system? Contact us today to start the conversation.

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