Time Tracking Using a Biometric Time Clock

Deciding to include a biometric identification system in your time tracking system is smart and leading-edge. Customers are looking for time tracking partners able to deliver advanced, dynamic systems that meet their current and future attendance management needs.

Here are four reasons why adding biometrics to your offering will open the door to new companies and opportunities to upsell your current customers.

#1 Biometrics Add More Value to Your Software 

Adding biometrics to your offerings lets you expand the range of hardware and software solutions you can provide, thereby raising your solution’s attractiveness to a larger prospect pool. Having the flexibility to customize your system, from reader type to software functionality, helps you meet the specific needs of different companies.

This is particularly true when you work with a biometric time clock vendor that offers options regardless of the software you use at the time clock. With a time clock like the ATS’ stride80, you can use our time clock software or your own. As an Android-based development platform, the stride80 also lets your development team build extended functionality on the time clock that integrates naturally with your time tracking and management solution. You have ultimate flexibility and control over what functionality your customers can use at the time clock.

#2 Variety of Biometric Options to Match Customer Needs

When you offer your customers biometric time tracking, you can choose from different biometric identification options. Just as you offer a variety of badge or card-type readers, you also want to offer your customers biometric reader options for their time clocks

The two most reliable biometric reader options for personal recognition are facial and fingerprint readers.

  • Facial recognition: There are a number of facial recognition technologies, each using the unique properties of employees’ faces to verify identification. The ATS facial reader works with the stride80 time clock, creating a powerful, flexible time tracking system.
  • Fingerprint recognition: Fingerprint biometrics technology is one of the most reliably accurate biometric detection options. Biometric fingerprint time tracking is a great option for companies that prioritize speed as employees clock in and out. The ATS fingerprint clock reader can be used with a number of ATS time clocks.

#3 Biometric Time Clocks Outperform Mobile Devices for Time Keeping

Outperforming mobile devices for collecting time tracking data is just one of several advantages companies enjoy when using biometric time clocks as part of their time tracking system. 

  • Improves payroll accuracy: The great advantage of mobile devices is that they’re mobile. When it comes to collecting employee attendance data, mobility is not a virtue. Allowing employees to clock in and out using a mobile device invites time theft. A biometric system verifies the physical presence of the employee onsite. Even when Geofencing is used, an employee can give a buddy their phone to punch in for them just as they would using a proximity card.
  • Greater reliability and durability: Mobile phones get lost, stolen, lose battery power, or just stop working. There are many reasons why an employee relying on mobile to track their work time won’t be able to clock in. That creates a high administrative overhead to reconcile manual time tracking to fill in gaps  when mobile data collection is used. In contrast, biometric time systems have high uptime, especially when made with high quality durable materials, like the ATS biometric fingerprint and facial recognition systems.
  • Better security: Having hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile devices used with back-end systems means there can be multiple endpoints of security risks. A biometric reader, attached directly to the time clock, provides more secure encryption and protection for attendance data. No company wants to have this level of exposure and the need to monitor and secure many devices.

Our instincts have been trained to assume things are always easier with mobile, but that’s not true. For many businesses, mobile attendance data collection can’t stack up to biometric time tracking.

biometric clock
clock card

#4 Reduces Customers’ Administrative Costs

Because biometric recognition readers are more reliable and accurate than mobile devices, they lower the administrative costs related to payroll and attendance management. Biometric systems virtually eliminate the risk of buddy punching, other forms of time theft, or the need to use manual work-arounds to collect attendance information. Otherwise, companies have to invest a great deal of human time and effort towards entering attendance records, identifying attendance anomalies and reconciling them.

Biometric readers also minimize the need to use badges, cards, or other types of physical assets the company has to track. Distribution and replacement programs also take a lot of personnel time that they could invest in higher value work.

Partnering with Accu-Time Systems

When you partner with Accu-Time Systems you can be sure you’ll have a great selection of time clocks to choose from and find the right solution to fit your customers’ needs. Our biometric fingerprint reader and facial recognition time clocks are just one part of the robust attendance solution portfolio available to you. Any ATS time clock you can fit with a biometric can also have a secondary reader that works with their current cards or badges. 

We also have a suite of cloud-based products that enhance the time tracking system and enrich your selling process. Our comprehensive AccuCloud time collection solution is a cloud-based management system that provides both you and your customers with unrivaled management and insight over time clock deployments and their integrations with your software. 

If you choose to build your own integration middleware, you can use Accu-Time Systems’ Time Collect; our Android-based time collection software that helps our resale partners integrate with their back end application for an accelerated go-to-market experience.

If you’re starting to wonder if a biometric clocking system is right for your business, reach out to one of our time clock consultant’s today. They can answer all your questions and help create the best product path for your business and software.

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