5 Reasons To Sell Time
And Attendance Clocks

No time and attendance solution is truly automated without time and attendance clocks collecting data and securely transmitting it to the back-end system for payroll processing. If you want to offer your customers a full service, automated, high-function attendance system, then selling time and attendance clocks with your software is a logical expansion.

Selling the right time clocks to your customers comes with numerous benefits for you; here are five of them:

#1 Immediate ROI for Your Company and Your Customers

The ROI for your company is clear. Selling time clocks adds a new revenue stream to your business. You can sell the time clocks for upfront revenue or you can lease them to increase your monthly recurring revenue. Whatever business model you choose, reselling time clocks is easy money – with the right partner (see reason #3).

Selling time clocks to your customers also improves their ROI of your system. Without automated time and attendance data collection, your customers may be undermining the accuracy of their payroll. Payroll companies know that automated attendance data collection is vital to ensuring payroll accuracy, which is why they often encourage companies to use time and attendance clocks.

#2 Improve Security with Biometric Time Clocks

If you’re going to sell time clocks, you want to offer a time clock option with leading technology, like biometric readers. Your customers with high security concerns will appreciate the increased security that biometric time clocks provide.

Biometric readers eliminate the risk of a worker clocking in for another employee, also called “buddy punching.” Companies with mobile workforces need to know where their people are, and biometric time clocks ensure that every worker clocking in is who they say theyre are and is at their expected location.

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#3 Easy and Fast Time Clock Implementation

The time and attendance solution companies that are hesitant to sell time clocks worry about taking on the logistics of managing hardware. It’s a valid concern. That’s why you need to partner with a time clock vendor that handles all the provisioning. That leaves you free from bearing the operational costs of reselling time and attendance clocks, making the clock price more profitable.

The time clock vendor should also make it easy to implement their time clocks at your customers’ worksites, leaving your team free to focus on your software. With the vendor taking the lead on the time clock implementation, your customers can enjoy a fast, stress-free, high value upgrade to their time and attendance system.

#4 Free Expert Time Clock Management Advice

Building a relationship with the right time clock company also gives you access to a broader insight on industry currents and evolving customer priorities. Because both companies serve the same audience, the time clock vendor is regularly talking with your potential customers, learning about their new workforce challenges, employee needs, etc. This is all insight your time clock partner can share with you.

Partnering with a time clock vendor also brings deeper level of support with it, where the vendor can help ensure that your team can help your customers optimize their use of their time and attendance clocks. They can help your customers maximize their ROI of your system by offering guidance on how to use any function in your system that you want to deliver to the time clock, such as submitting time-off requests, checking schedules, etc.

#5 Offer an Alternative to Mobile Phones

Many industries can get by using mobile devices as their only method of time collection for work; but many more require a physical device mounted on the wall to track their employees’ time and attendance. While other companies have policies that would be quickly violated if employees began bringing their own device to work.

Companies like these must have time collection devices available for employers that need to ensure that the employee punching in is who they say they are. In these cases, a biometric time clock is necessary and thwarts instances of buddy punching in ways that mobile devices cannot. Your customer base wants and needs time clocks. Reselling them, supported by the right time clock partner, is a natural evolution in your offerings.

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