Best Time Clock For Your Reseller Business

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It’s a competitive world out there. With the demand for workforce solutions growing and the market expected to reach $11.09 billion by 2025, new companies and tools are constantly rising up to meet this need. With the market as it’s going, finding an edge is crucial to growing your piece of the pie. For many [...]

Five Ways to Avoid Time Card Fraud

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Not all employee creativity reaps benefits for your company. Some employees can get awfully creative in how they execute a time card fraud scheme. There are the oldies but goodies. Punching in for a co-worker (“buddy punching”) who’s running late.  Not recording time taken off for lunch or when they leave early. Others find ways [...]

The Easiest Way to Stay Compliant with Lunch Break Laws

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The Easiest Way to Stay Compliant with Lunch Break Laws Lunch is no joke. For managers and companies looking to stay compliant with the ever-growing mish-mash of contract, local, state and federal lunch break laws – the idea of the lunch break isn’t even all that relaxing. Nearly half the states mandate lunch breaks [...]

Reduce Labor Costs with a Time Clock System

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Labor costs are typically the single largest cost of any business. The percentage of overall budget dedicated to labor can range anywhere from ten to 30 percent. That’s why reducing labor costs is the single most effective change a business can make when it needs to improve its margin. Using a time clock system [...]

How Biometric Clocks Prevent Time Theft

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Time theft has significant direct and indirect costs. Paying employees for time they haven’t actually worked is just the first line of expense. Employee time theft also costs billions annually in lost productivity. A 2015 study conducted by Software Advice, a software review site, found that nearly half of all workers engage in time theft and [...]

Help Your Payroll Department End Time Theft for Good

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A few minutes here. A late return from lunch overlooked there. Time theft can seem so trivial until you consider it in the aggregate. Research from 2016 found that 43% of hourly workers admitted to rounding up their weekly work hours. Buddy punching alone has been determined to cost U.S. employers more than $373 million [...]

4 Ways Your Payroll Department Can Reduce Administrative Costs

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers pay an average of $35.28 per employee hour worked in labor compensation. On top of the compensation costs, research by ADP on the administrative costs of payroll and HR found that companies pay anywhere between $1400 to $2000 per employee per year to administer payroll, workforce and [...]

The Truth & Myths of Biometric Time Clocks

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As you look for more reliable and secure ways to track employee time and eliminate the costs of time theft and buddy punching, exploring biometric time clocks is a natural choice. Biometric scanners have been showing up in television and movies since Star Trek: The Original Series in the 1960s used everything from voice [...]

Payroll Report: Analyzing Employee Hours

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Big data can be a beautiful thing. Your payroll reports are built on big data. Your time clocks integrate with your ERP and HCM systems, sending the reams of employee hour data points that tell you who was (or was not) working and when. But if you don’t select what questions you want to analyze [...]

Solutions to Common Payroll Errors

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Payroll mistakes are costly in every way. There are the direct, administrative costs spent to devote staff time to correcting payroll errors. These costs can pale compared to fines, penalties and potential legal costs for noncompliance with any of the state and federal labor and tax laws that apply to your payroll. Last, since most [...]