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workforce time clockMiddleware is the indispensable piece every successful integration needs. It’s the heart of the integration, sharing data and communications with all the other components of a time and attendance system. This is why the middleware is so critical to how time clocks and your solution operate with each other. Reselling the right time clocks can be lucrative, but only when the integration process is easy too. The time clock is more than its features. How the time clock interacts with your solution is key to adding value for your customers.

What data can be shared between the time clock and your software? How quickly can your customers add new functionality to the time clock to collect information they need to improve workforce management and payroll runs?

A time clock isn’t a stand-alone device. It’s the entry point to automating the collection of employee attendance tracking data. You need a robust, reliable integration connecting the time clocks to your system to take advantage of the potential an advanced time clock offers.

Our AccuCloud time collection and management system simplifies this integration. It keeps initial roll outs stress-free and on schedule. The AccuCloud system also helps you stay flexible during the maintenance phase, as you and your customers want to provide new time clock functionality and run new reports.

Workforce Time Clock Integration Options

You need some mechanism to move data between all the workforce management time clocks deployed at your customers’ locations and your system.

There are two integration options:

1. Data loading: Data from one system is batched into a file and loaded into the system. For employee attendance management, there are two types of data loads:

· Punch data load contains employee attendance data collected at the time clock, which gets delivered to payroll and other software systems that need it.

· Employee data load contains information stored in your system that the time clocks need, such as department and location information.

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2. SOAP web services (API): An interactive integration that provides a near real-time data update experience.

workforce time clockYou can set up a data loading-based integration faster than building a web services integration. Data loads are also the simplest way to get data from your customers’ workforce management time clocks into your system.

Companies with developers who have the necessary expertise can build web services to manage the integration. Regardless of which option you use with your customers, you set the data sharing cycle intervals. You can set data updates to run as often as multiple times every hour or as infrequent as once a day. It’s your decision.

You can get a more detailed overview of employee time clock integrations here .

Benefits of Middleware as Workforce Management Time Clock Manager

With middleware managing integrated time clocks and seamlessly delivering needed data to external systems like yours, it provides a flexible and fast communication channel that enhances both the value of each component and their sum as a comprehensive system.

Easy Update Management for the Clock and Clock Software

Part of what makes time clocks valuable is the role they play in automating employee attendance data for a more accurate payroll. One of the challenges deploying a fleet of time clocks is providing support for them. Using middleware makes time clock support easy.

The middleware pushes out any operating system update, security, or time collection software updates directly to the time clocks. You don’t need to ask your customers to use their IT personnel to visit each time clock and provide support to them as they install upgrades.

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Even better, you don’t need to rely on your customers or, better yet, on your own customer support team to keep their entire time clock fleet current with the latest security and software updates. Relying on them to do this is how you end up with time clocks running different versions, some of them not fully secure, and a whole host of other support nightmares.

Your support team avoids all that when there’s middleware to keep all your customers’ deployments uniformly updated. Rolling out upgrades through middleware takes minimal resources from your IT team and causes no interruption to time clock availability for your customers.

Improve Employee Information with Workforce Time Clock Software

A well-designed middleware does more than send attendance data back and forth. It raises the value of the integrated parts with extra functionality surrounding data and time clock management:

● You can take full advantage of your workforce management solution by sharing any employee data point it collects with employees at the time clock. If your integration with AccuCloud includes scheduling information collected by your solution, then you can let employees see their schedules at the time clock.

● Automating the data flow cycles through the middleware ensures that both your system and the time clocks have the most current information. .

● The middleware provides an additional management layer that lets you easily administer changes to time clock functionality. By allowing you to create logical groupings of employees and time clocks, you can quickly share new information and functionality to only those employees or time clocks that need it. For example, you can create a group for time clocks located at a customer’s factories. If the customer wants to push out a new safety message delivered to factory workers when they clock in, the middleware will ensure that the message gets delivered only to time clocks in the factory group.

● Since the middleware doesn’t modify data collected at the time clock in any way, it provides an audit trail of employee attendance data that ensures its data integrity across the system.

Why You Need Middleware With a Workforce Time Clock

Companies are increasingly interested in using biometric time clocks. Being able to offer them a biometric-based time clock raises your profile as a technology forward platform. Middleware is the key to achieving easy biometric device management at scale that doesn’t tax your support resources.

workforce time clockThe AccuCloud middleware’s management of biometric templates provides efficiency, security, and flexibility. It limits the availability of an employee’s biometric template, but ensures that the template is available at any time clock where it’s necessary.

Each employee enrolls in the biometric platform at a time clock. That time clock shares the template, through the encrypted integration, with the middleware. From there, the middleware controls which other time clocks will also get the template.

In an enterprise of 1000 employees, three locations and a fleet of time clocks, you don’t want that template on every time clock. The punch in and out process at the clock needs to remain fast. There’s no reason to install the biometric templates of employees who work in one location on the time clocks at other locations.

But what if an employee moves and begins working at a different location and needs access to a new set of time clocks? As with all WFM and HCM system updates shared with the middleware, the middleware uses that information to put the employee into a new geographic location group. That change then triggers an update of which time clocks get that employee’s biometric template.

Throughout the automated process, the biometric template remains encrypted, both at rest and during transmission.

The #1 Workforce Time Clock Solution – AccuCloud

We’ve shared a lot about the middleware layer of our AccuCloud system; now let’s give you a broader picture of the complete AccuCloud solution.

AccuCloud is a cloud-based platform that integrates software for an employee attendance tracker on the time clock with workforce management, human capital management, ERP, and other back-end systems. Its middleware is the critical component that connects the time clocks with these external systems.

Another piece of the cloud-based platform is its management portal that resellers use to monitor all the time clock deployments and integration statuses for all their customers in one place.

A Cloud-Based Architecture Simplifies and Speeds up Integration

ATS hosts AccuCloud because that is the simplest way to let our resale partners stay focused on their solution and be as hands-off as possible when it comes to attendance data collection.

All time clock updates, whether a minor patch to full version upgrade, are pushed out over the air (OTA), requiring very little resource time from your team. We coordinate the timing with your team, but the ATS team handles the OTA updates for you, with no interruptions in operations.

Data Flow between Workforce Time Clock Software and Your System

workforce time clockBecause the AccuCloud middleware handles the bi-directional data flows between the time clocks and your software, we’re able to provide you direct oversight into the integration status of each individual time clock.

We do that through the AccuCloud management portal. The AccuCloud portal is a secure website you use to monitor all your customers’ time clock deployments. Through the portal, you’ll see the online status of each time clock, and the status of each integration cycle, all in real time.

No more black holes as to whether data is free flowing from the time clocks into your system and back again. With the real time status clearly represented through a visual design, your team can easily get ahead of any potential data collection issues.

AccuCloud also includes a number of alerts that deliver real-time communication to support teams whenever there’s a time clock communication, integration failure, urgent issue or security alert.

Compare Time Clock Software Options

AccuCloud works with a number of the ATS time clocks, so you have flexibility in the time clock recommendations you make to your customers. And if you are looking for Linux or Android time clock software, ATS time clocks can deliver on that!


TimeCollect is our attendance data collection software for Android-based time clocks, which includes our stride®80, PeoplePoint™ Turbo, and PeoplePoint™ Premium.


AccuCollect is the attendance data collection software for our Linux-based time clocks, which include PeoplePoint™ Plus, and PeoplePoint Premium.

Both TimeCollect and AccuCollect attendance data collection software are designed for resellers that want to get to market quickly with a robust time clock system offer to customers and prospects. Both time clock software systems are highly configurable. They each work with a wide range of reader options and are pre-built to accept the most commonly requested punch transaction types.

The ATS time clock software options are also ready to integrate with the AccuCloud middleware layer, to save time and simplify the implementation process for you and your customers.

A third alternative, but the most time consuming, to using the ATS time clock data collection software is to build your time clock software. We’ve built TimeCollect and AccuCollect so resellers can avoid the time and expense incurred by designing and testing a new application. However, any reseller that prefers to build their own can have it installed onto an OS-compatible ATS time clock.

Expand Value of Your Application to the Workforce Time Clocks

AccuCloud’s flexibility and ease of use let you deliver more of your solution to your customers, right at the time clock. You can share any information your solution collects and stores, through the AccuCloud middleware to employees at the time clock.

Does your system hold employee scheduling information? Personal time-off accruals? When your system is integrated with ATS time clocks through the AccuCloud solution, employees can see their personal schedules and available PTO information right there. They won’t have to make a visit to HR or bother their manager, saving everyone time and hassle.

The more information from your system you can share directly with employees at the time clock, the more customers will rely on your software.

“Easy-to-Integrate” Requires Sophisticated Middleware

You can resell time clocks, but without also providing a seamlessly integrated and centralized system, you’re only reselling hardware products, not a solution. When you offer customers time clocks that that integrate directly with your software – now you’re presenting prospects and customers with a complete employee management platform.

One option is to divert time and money from enhancing and supporting your core software and build the middleware yourself. Effective middleware has a complex responsibility to control all the data and communication flows between time clocks and your solution. If it’s not working right, none of the other parts can play their role in your customer’s workforce management efforts.

The more lucrative and reliable option is get a proven, hosted and maintained middleware layer to connect time clocks to your solution. When you leave the middleware duties to an experienced time clock designer and manufacturer like ATS, you gain the benefits of reselling a complete, comprehensive solution with little additional cost or effort

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