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5 Reasons To Sell Time and Attendance Clocks

The article outlines why you should consider selling time and attendance clocks. It emphasizes immediate revenue and enhanced payroll accuracy for you and your customers. It recommends offering biometric time clocks for improved security, underscores the ease of implementation through reliable vendors, and suggests physical time collection devices as alternatives to mobile phones in specific industries. Read the complete article.

8 Reasons Biometric Time Clocks are More Secure Than Mobile Devices

Discover eight reasons why you should consider selling biometric time clocks. As a potential reseller, these clocks offer immediate revenue and improved payroll accuracy for you and your customers. Biometric time clocks, utilizing fingerprint or facial recognition, provide durability, heightened data security, and avoid common issues associated with mobile devices, making them a reliable and secure option. Consider this upgrade to enhance your brand’s tech-savvy edge.  Read the complete article.

Using Facial Recognition Time Clocks vs. Time Cards to Track Employee Time

Explore the transformative leap from paper time cards to facial recognition technology in employee time tracking systems with Accu-Time Systems, Inc. This article delves into the advantages of upgrading to cloud-based time clocks, highlighting features that enhance the employee experience. Discover how facial recognition time clocks streamline attendance management and offer a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional time card machines. Join the forefront of attendance technology and boost your business by reselling these cutting-edge solutions.  Read the full article.

ATS Clocks Make it Easy to Integrate Workforce Management Software

As a reseller, integrating time clocks with your workforce management software is crucial for success. Middleware, the heart of integration, ensures seamless data sharing. The right time clock integration enhances customer value, providing the entry point for automating employee attendance tracking data. Explore data loading and SOAP web services options for efficient, real-time updates. Choose a system like AccuCloud for stress-free rollouts and flexible maintenance phases. Learn more about employee time clock integrations by reading the full article.

How to Sell Time Clock Systems by Building Trust

Reselling employee time clocks is a powerful strategy for business growth. To succeed, prioritize building trust with customers by offering free education on time clocks, providing valuable tools, ensuring high-quality time clocks, understanding payroll challenges, and comprehending employees’ daily time clock experiences. Trust is the key to selling both your solution and time clocks effectively. Read the full article.

How Does Facial Recognition Time Clocks Work?

Unlock new revenue streams by integrating facial recognition technology into your product portfolio. The global market for facial recognition is booming, offering a lucrative opportunity to increase profitability. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the workings of facial recognition software, its integration with time clocks, and the financial benefits it brings. Learn how this technology reduces costs, improves productivity, and adheres to privacy regulations, positioning your company at the forefront of biometric time clock solutions. Read the full article.

Find a Time Clock Partner That Makes Integrating Time Clocks Easy

Accu-Time Systems, Inc. emphasizes the importance of time and attendance clocks within workforce management solutions for software businesses. This article focuses on AccuCloud, a cloud-based system with middleware that streamlines time clock management. This middleware simplifies the deployment, integration, and management of time clocks, ensuring resellers can efficiently handle large time clock deployments across multiple clients. AccuCloud’s middleware facilitates easy configuration, integration, and automation of tasks, enhancing data flow between time clocks and software. The article provides insights into planning stages, punch, and time tracking configuration options, and deployment processes, emphasizing the role of middleware in making time clocks plug-and-play. Read the full article.

Finding The Right Clock For Your Workforce Management System

The article discusses the importance of choosing the right time clock for workforce management systems based on specific business needs. It provides insights for small businesses, large enterprises, multi-state workforces, and extreme environments, emphasizing the value of tailored solutions offered by ATS to optimize time and attendance management. Read the full article.

How Time and Attendance Tracking is Made Simple with the Right Time Clock Solution

The article emphasizes the strategic importance of integrating an effective time clock system into workforce management solutions for resellers. It highlights the value of pairing high-quality time clocks with sophisticated cloud-based middleware, using ATS’s AccuCloud as an example. The middleware streamlines tasks, ensures data integrity, supports scalability, and enhances employee experiences, offering resellers a comprehensive solution to meet diverse business needs. Read the full article.

Is it Time to Enhance Your WFM Solution with Timekeeping Systems?

Consider integrating time clocks into your software suite to enhance its value and unlock a significant new revenue stream. Now is the time to add timekeeping systems. Pay attention to signs like inefficient attendance tracking and mobile phone reliance. When scaling your business or revamping without a significant investment, opt for a reliable time clock vendor like ATS for seamless integration and durable, in-house-supported clocks. Explore this profitable opportunity by scheduling a call with a time clock expert. Read the full article.

Why Cloud Timekeeping Trumps Mobile Devices for Collecting Employees’ Attendance Data

Using mobile phones for time tracking may sound appealing, but it often proves impractical and costly. Mobile devices are easily lost, forgotten, or stolen, leading to unreliable data collection. In industries where mobiles are restricted, like healthcare or manufacturing, relying on them is problematic. Cloud-based timekeeping, such as ATS AccuCloud, offers a more reliable and secure solution. Mobile time tracking poses security risks, hidden costs, and reduced productivity, while cloud-based systems provide scalability, reliability, and profitability, optimizing workforce management for both on-site and off-site employees. Consider scheduling a demo for AccuCloud to explore these benefits. Read the full article.

Often Asked Questions About An Employee Attendance Tracker

When you, as a reseller, are considering incorporating time clocks into your portfolio, it’s crucial to engage with a reputable vendor. Asking the right questions ensures that you choose a partner capable of enhancing your workforce management solutions. Read the full article about the essential questions for both resellers and end-users

The Benefits of Using Time Clocks with Biometrics vs Swipe Cards

Embark on a journey to understand the advantages of biometric time clocks over swipe cards. Explore the precision and efficiency offered by ATS’s AccuCloud system, empowering you to provide your clients with a seamless, innovative solution for employee attendance tracking. Elevate your reselling experience with cutting-edge biometric technology.  Read the full article.

Cloud-Based Employee Time Clocks For Resellers

Explore the advantages of cloud-based employee time tracking and its benefits for your business. Learn how ATS’ AccuCloud seamlessly integrates with your software solution, enhancing the time clock experience for users. Leverage the efficiency, scalability, and revenue opportunities provided by a comprehensive cloud-based time-tracking system. Read the full article.

Expand Your Offering with Face Recognition and Time Attendance Collection

As a reseller, consider the rising demand for biometric attendance management tools, particularly facial recognition time clocks. Explore the benefits of incorporating facial recognition technology into your employee management solution, such as enhancing payroll accuracy, reducing time theft, and improving employee attendance. Evaluate key criteria for selecting a facial recognition time clock system and ensure it aligns with your business goals for scalability, flexibility, and quick market entry. Stay ahead in the market by offering your customers innovative and advanced attendance management solutions.  Read the full article.

Hassle-Free Time Clock Software Implementation

The article discusses the advantages of becoming a reseller of time clock systems with a focus on hassle-free implementation. It emphasizes the profitability and customer trust that can be achieved by choosing a cloud-based system with advanced software configuration, automated management, and stress-free provisioning. The key features of a cloud-based time clock system and the benefits of a well-designed middleware layer are highlighted, using AccuCloud® as an example. The article aims to guide resellers in selecting a system that offers scalability, ease of integration, and maximum profitability.  Read the full article.

How a Facial Recognition Time Clock Contributes to Fewer Employee Sick Days

The article promotes facial recognition time clocks, emphasizing their role in reducing employee sick days by providing a low-contact experience. ATS’s Facial Recognition System, compatible with the stride80 time clock, is highlighted for its benefits, including minimizing health risks and improving attendance tracking, making it an attractive option for resellers. Read the full article.

How ATS Time Clocks Help Your Clients Process Accurate Payroll

ATS Time Clocks offer resellers and customers the flexibility and reliability needed for accurate payroll processing. The TimeCollect and AccuCollect software allows customization for complex payroll needs. Innovations like the Android-based stride80 provide a versatile platform for various applications. AccuCloud, a cloud-based solution, integrates seamlessly, offering a modern, scalable, and comprehensive time-tracking system. ATS emphasizes the importance of the right time clock in enhancing solutions and customer relationships.  Read the full article.

Leave The Time Clock Hardware Logistics To Accu-Time Systems

ATS offers seamless time clock provisioning for resellers, managing manufacturing, configuration, software installation, testing, and direct shipping. By handling the entire process, ATS reduces overhead costs for resellers, allowing them to focus on marketing and selling software. This provisioning service transforms businesses into full-service workforce management systems, enhancing customer experience and providing immediate market entry with low upfront costs. Read the full article.

How Facial Recognition Reduces Buddy Punching

The article discusses the challenges businesses face with buddy punching, where one employee clocks in for another. It highlights the cost of this practice and emphasizes the effectiveness of facial recognition time clocks in reducing time theft. The technology authenticates employees by scanning their faces and curbing buddy punching. The article also explores how facial recognition aids in analyzing time-tracking data to identify theft patterns, acts as a deterrent, minimizes physical contact, and saves costs by eliminating the need for credentials. Reselling these time clocks is presented as a solution with financial benefits. Read the full article.

Time Tracking Using a Biometric Identification System

Including biometric identification in your time-tracking system adds value by offering customization, flexibility, and a range of hardware options. Facial and fingerprint recognition enhance security and reliability, outperforming mobile devices. Biometric time clocks reduce administrative costs, ensuring accurate payroll and attendance management. Partnering with Accu-Time Systems provides a selection of time clocks, including biometric options and cloud-based solutions for comprehensive time tracking. Read the full article.

Time Clock Systems for Resellers

As a time-tracking software reseller, the article guides you on the strategic benefits of integrating time clocks with biometric identification systems. It highlights the value addition, customization options, and diverse biometric choices, emphasizing the superiority of biometrics over mobile devices. The middleware, part of AccuCloud, is an efficient data management and seamless communication mechanism. The decision between building or buying middleware is also explored, focusing on maximizing profitability through a partnership with Accu-Time Systems.  Read the full article.

Reduce Employee Buddy Punching and Time Theft With a Face Recognition Biometric Attendance

Explore an innovative solution to combat time theft and buddy punching in employee attendance by integrating a cutting-edge biometric face recognition system. This article sheds light on the limitations of traditional attendance machines and introduces the Only|You Facial Recognition System, seamlessly integrated with the stride®80 time clock. Discover how businesses can enhance accuracy in attendance tracking, reduce payroll discrepancies, and bolster security, making the case for facial recognition as a superior biometric option. Additionally, learn about integration options tailored for resellers catering to various business needs. Read the full article. 

How to Choose the Right Time & Attendance Tracking System

Choosing the right time and attendance tracking system is crucial for your company’s success and customer satisfaction. This article highlights key considerations for selecting an effective system, focusing on factors like time clock longevity, the ability to track and manage employee schedules, and the return on investment (ROI) of a workforce management system. It emphasizes the importance of a reliable time clock partner who manages provisioning, deployment, and cloud management and stays innovative to address evolving workforce challenges. Make an informed decision to enhance your business and meet your customers’ diverse needs. Read the full article.

How Biometric Time Clocks Benefit From Having The Right Middleware in Place

While much attention is given to biometric readers, this article highlights the often-overlooked importance of middleware in managing communication and data between time clocks and workforce management software. Explore the benefits, such as template automation, enhanced security, consent data handling, and scalability, focusing on AccuCloud, a purpose-built solution by Accu-Time Systems, known for its seamless integration with biometric time clocks and comprehensive software solutions, facilitating business growth. Read the full article. 

Improving Attendance Tracking Using Time Clocks with Biometric Readers

Unlock new revenue streams and enhance your software’s effectiveness by seamlessly integrating a biometric attendance system through strategic time clock reselling. This article explores the pivotal role of time clock hardware in shaping the success of Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), payroll, or Workforce Management (WFM) solutions. Delve into the workings of biometric time clock readers, offering a comprehensive understanding of their efficiency in verifying unique physical attributes like fingerprints or facial features. Discover how ATS facilitates reselling, providing hassle-free provisioning, configuration, and installation services. Join the wave of innovation by meeting the rising demand for sophisticated biometric attendance solutions, solidifying customer relationships, and maximizing lifetime value. Explore the seamless integration options, including AccuCloud—a cloud-based time collection system paired with the advanced stride80 time clock featuring a biometric reader add-on.  Read the full article.

How ATS Solutions Change Time Tracking for Employees

Embark on a journey to understand the profound impact of selecting the optimal time-tracking system for your organization. Delve into the advantages of advanced software to payroll staff, the empowerment it provides managers to combat time theft, and the streamlined experience for all employees. This article unfolds the narrative of how ATS solutions revolutionize workforce management, ensuring maximum value and efficiency for your business. Read the article.

Which Type of Time Clock Pairs Best With Your System?

Choosing the right time clock is a strategic decision that transcends hardware considerations. This article delves into the intricacies of selecting time clocks that seamlessly integrate with your system, offer scalability, and ensure efficient management. From evaluating card reader options to understanding the nuances of biometric readers, discover how partnering with ATS, coupled with the AccuCloud solution, streamlines configuration, deployment, updates, and day-to-day support. This transformative approach redefines the landscape of time clock integration, unlocking unprecedented value and profitability.  Read full article.

The Best Time Clock System to Manage Employees’ Hours

The article emphasizes the importance of reselling quality time clocks to enhance software integration, maximize ROI, and address diverse customer needs. Topics covered include time clock hardware features, reader options, biometric technology, environmental considerations, and the transformative impact on employee and manager experiences. With insights into the AccuCloud solution, the article guides readers through the process of configuring, deploying, updating, and supporting time clocks, offering a valuable resource for businesses seeking optimal time clock systems.  Read the complete article. 

The Right Middleware Makes Updating Time Clock Systems Easy

“The Right Middleware Makes Updating Time Clock Systems Easy” highlights the crucial role of middleware in managing time clock systems and emphasizes its impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO). The article underscores the importance of selecting time clocks with efficient middleware that automates tasks, ensuring reliability, security, and scalability. It explores how middleware facilitates data sharing and communication between time clocks and software solutions, enabling seamless integration. The AccuCloud solution is presented as a comprehensive, cloud-based time clock management system with advanced middleware, offering resellers a profitable and user-friendly solution to enhance customer experience and maximize ROI. Read the article.

The Right Time Clocks Benefit Your Clients and Their Employees

Embarking on the journey of selecting the ideal time clock for your workforce management and time tracking needs? Look no further. In this guide, we’ll explore the fundamental requirements your time clock must meet, the advanced functionalities that can elevate your system, and the pivotal role AccuCloud middleware plays in achieving seamless integration. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your time and attendance solution, tailored to meet your unique business demands. Read the article.

The Best Employee Time Clock for Resellers in 2022

Looking for more than just a time clock to resell? The ideal time clock should surpass basic standards and serve as a gateway to your software system. In 2022, and beyond, the stride®80 stands out as the top choice for resellers, offering a rich set of hardware and software features. This Android-based time clock ensures accurate time tracking and opens doors for limitless development, making it a strategic asset for resellers aiming to enhance functionality and provide exceptional value to their customers. Dive into the features that set the stride®80 apart, from security and privacy measures to multimedia capabilities and seamless integration, making it the key to unlocking revenue growth and customer satisfaction in the world of workforce management.” Read the full article.

Helping Employers Do More than Track Employees’ Time and Attendance in 2022

As a software platform provider in 2022, you play a pivotal role in guiding employers through the dynamic challenges of time and attendance management. In the wake of COVID-19 and rapid software innovations, your clients seek solutions to high employee turnover, COVID-19 tracking, and the shift to hybrid work models. This comprehensive guide outlines key strategies, from proactive absence management to innovative survey functionalities, empowering you to navigate and optimize the evolving workforce management landscape. Read the full article.

Are Biometric Time Clocks the Future of Workplace Time and Attendance?

The use of biometric technology in workplace attendance tracking has evolved significantly, with fingerprints being just one aspect of this advancement. Initially, fingerprint identification relied on visual comparison, but the transition to computer-based comparisons was hindered by cost and complexity. In the past decade, biometric technology has made strides, offering applications beyond fingerprints, including workforce management. Biometric time clocks, with facial recognition as an example, are becoming integral to attendance tracking, providing economic benefits by reducing labor costs, automating data collection, and minimizing the need for alternate credentials. Despite the positive impact, the implementation of biometric systems raises privacy concerns, leading some states to regulate their use. Best practices include keeping biometric programs optional, ensuring a robust data management plan, and communicating effectively with employees to address privacy worries. The encrypted biometric template, as opposed to traditional employee photos, enhances personal security. The future of biometric attendance tracking is promising, and reselling integrated solutions is seen as a strategic move for companies seeking a technology leader in this evolving landscape, with a strong emphasis on maintaining positive employee relations by not mandating participation. Read the full article.

8 Reasons Why Payroll Departments Love Time and Attendance Time Clocks  

Payroll departments find time and attendance time clocks advantageous due to their role in ensuring accurate employee attendance data. The integration of time clock software facilitates swift data transfer, and automated time collection, particularly with biometric readers, enhances precision and prevents issues like buddy punching. The right time clock, characterized by durability and real-time monitoring, proves reliable even in challenging environments. Configurable time clock software strengthens compliance with labor laws and reduces legal liability risk. The automation of attendance data collection not only lowers payroll costs but also allows payroll teams to engage in proactive compliance management and efficient labor management. Offering high-quality time clocks significantly enhances the value of workforce management solutions for both customers and resellers.  Read the full article.

The ROI on Facial Identification Terminals for your Business

Companies are increasingly interested in facial identification terminals for their potential to enhance cost control in payrolls. Reselling ATS’s Facial Recognition System (FRS) provides a lucrative opportunity for increased revenue and profitability. The FRS software, exclusive to the stride80 time clock, utilizes advanced features like a camera, touch screen, and presence sensor for a simple, intuitive biometric time clock experience. Reselling facial recognition time clocks offers financial benefits, including easy marketability, reduced sick days, and minimized touchpoints for transactions. The stride80 with Facial Recognition provides a fast route to market with tools like TimeCollect software, SDK, and API collection for quick integration. Resellers have control over integrations, choosing from Time Clock Only, Time Clock with FRS and Time Collection Software, or Full Cloud Integration options. With minimal ongoing costs, reselling facial recognition terminals becomes easy and profitable, appealing to companies seeking advanced biometric time clock solutions. Read the full article.

Considering Value in a timekeeping system is Better than considering Price  

When considering timekeeping systems, prioritizing value over price is crucial for resellers aiming to provide a comprehensive solution. The hallmarks of value, including flexibility, scalability, and reliability, should be evident across hardware, software, and vendor services. Accurate employee time tracking is fundamental for managing labor costs and ensuring accurate payroll processing. The wrong time clock partner can lead to hidden costs and customer dissatisfaction. Assessing both time clock hardware and software is essential, with a focus on durability, high-value features, and seamless data integration. Accessible support channels and flexible pricing strategies empower resellers to create adaptable solutions that enhance overall profitability. Ultimately, choosing a time clock vendor that prioritizes reliability, flexibility, and scalability ensures a high-value system that benefits both resellers and their customers. Read the full article.

Advantages of Using Biometric Time Clocks to ID Employees

This article discusses the advantages of incorporating biometric time clocks for employee identification. Biometric technology, relying on physical traits like fingerprints or faces, enhances the employee credentialing process, providing benefits for both employees and employers. The article emphasizes the reliability of biometric security in improving payroll accuracy, preventing buddy punching, and reducing administrative costs. The employee experience is enhanced, ensuring secure and convenient identification without the need for easily misplaced cards or badges. The article also addresses employee biometric privacy concerns, highlighting best practices such as affirmative opt-in and transparent communication. It recommends choosing a reliable vendor, and the Only|You™ Facial Recognition System by ATS is introduced as a comprehensive solution.  Read the full article.

Facial Recognition vs Time Cards to Track Employee Time

In this article, we  discuss transformative shift from conventional time card machines to cutting-edge facial recognition time clocks, presenting compelling reasons for businesses to embrace this technological evolution. We delve into the significant advantages offered by facial recognition technology, exploring features crucial for an optimal experience. Emphasizing the importance of modernizing time clock terminals, we highlight the efficiency, accuracy, and security benefits associated with this transition. From expediting employee transactions to minimizing touchpoints and reducing the risk of illness transmission, facial recognition time clocks emerge as the superior choice. Join us in uncovering the key features and cost-saving advantages that position facial recognition terminals as clear winners in the realm of attendance management technology.  Read the full article.